Art & Craft

Ramblings about my artwork & other crafty things


29/03/2018 I See You (Dragon Eye on Talking Stick)
23/02/2017 The Witches Besom
03/11/2016 DragonFox Staff
09/11/2015 My Air Dragon Mask
09/11/2014 Garden Maypole
03/11/2014 My Earth Dragon Mask
05/11/2013 My Spirit Dragon Mask
06/11/2012 My Water Dragon Mask
15/11/2011 My Fire Dragon Mask
15/02/2011 More Dowsing Rods
11/02/2011 Dowsing Rods
26/12/2010 An Unexpected Gift
21/11/2010 The Besom or Witches Broom
20/11/2010 To Wave a Magic Wand…
20/10/2010 Making a Drum Beater
19/03/2010 Dog Feathers …a Wand with a Difference!
21/07/2009 My Medicine Drum ~ A Personal Journey


22/10/2017 Fire Dragon
21/10/2017 Starry, Starry Night
15/06/2012 Alien Saviour
24/09/2011 Lion Cub Sketch
24/09/2011 Feeling bleh…
28/08/2011 Time
27/08/2011 The Invocation
26/01/2011 Prawns’ Revenge
13/08/2010 In a galaxy far, far away…
12/07/2010 The Gateway
13/04/2010 Balance
19/03/2010 Vesta Meditation – (Three Worlds)
20/11/2009 Dragons’ Breath & Rainbow Pyramids
30/10/2009 It’s Beltane again… (The Lovers)
15/07/2009 Armageddon, Eagles and UFOs?
04/05/2009 Samhain
19/03/2009 Chaos
11/12/2008 Dolphin Dreaming
03/12/2008 Reflections
08/10/2008 Alien City: My Home
29/09/2008 Spring Fantasy
22/09/2008 Dualities in Balance
15/09/2008 My Artworks

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