Feeling bleh…

…looks the way I feel, lol.

I’ve been feeling rather unsettled again lately and in need of some sort of change, so of course I’ve altered the look of my blog yet again. I’ve switched from the “Twenty Ten” theme to “Parament”. I was growing tired of the white background, and I think the dark grey makes my artworks look nicer.

Speaking of which, I’ve posted another of my sketches. The delightful face at the left looks the way I feel at the moment after too many late nights and a lunch that might have been a bit “off” (reheated last night’s Thai food takeaway leftovers). This sketch is a bit rough and not one of my best, but I like it because it’s a pretty good rendition of the “Salt Vampire” from the original Star Trek series. I actually did quite a few sketches based on Star Trek, which I might get around to posting here eventually. As usual, scanning hasn’t been 100% wonderful and due to reflection the slight wrinkles in the paper show up as pale horizontal stripes across the beastie’s face. I tended to do my sketches on whatever paper happened to be around at the time …very rarely was that ever top quality art paper. Anyway, here’s the entire drawing…

“Salt Vampire” from Star Trek (original series) ~ Click to enlarge

As you can probably see, it’s done using my favourite medium at the time of ballpoint pen and water-based felt-tipped pen to give extra shading and slight colour.

The Salt Vampire has the dubious honour of being dubbed one of Star Trek’s 10 Cheesiest Classic Creatures.


2 thoughts on “Feeling bleh…

  1. I’m sorry to hear you have been feeling bleh. Sometimes making a change, even a small one, helps, as you have instinctively understood. That is a great drawing. You are right – the black & grey backgrounds do make images pop. It is easier on the eyes than a stark white background too. I have considered going darker for that reason.


    1. Thanks 🙂 I just wish I could change the orange highlights to some other colour (purple, for instance) as it’s not my favourite, but the rest of the theme is good, and I guess the orange goes with the header image I’m still using. It’s growing on me. 😀


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