Dolphin Dreaming


“Dolphin Dreaming” (click on the image for a larger view)

This sketch was an exercise in colour, as much as it was another portrayal of my feelings of isolation and alienation at the time.  She represents me, although she doesn’t look like me. If only I still had a figure like that! …minus the finger webbing and the reptilian eyes though, LOL!  😀   I see many more things in it as well now:  the Divine Feminine, Goddess, Cancerian Moon, life, water (the element), emotions, love, healing, empathy and silent communication and understanding between those who are different.  Maybe those things were always there, but I just didn’t realise it at the time. Unfortunately the scanner has picked up on the texture of the paper and made the drawing look a bit speckled- the original looks much smoother. Oh well, it still looks OK. 🙂

Scott Alexander King says this about dolphins in “Animal Dreaming”



There are 32 species of Dolphin throughout the world with the Bottle-Nosed Dolphin favoured by many Australians. It has a pronounced beak, high dorsal fin and broad tail flukes. The Dolphin is sacred to the Indigenous People of Mornington Island who saw it as their Ancestral Totem.

Dolphin’s spirit is present when we are born: it protects us as we take our first physical breath and as we make the progression from the watery world of the womb to the physical world of Mother Earth.

It mirrors its own evolution millions of years ago (reversed) from a land-dwelling beast to an aquatic mammal. Dolphin watches over us as we take our first breath, and is there to counsel us as we grow, making the transition to life on Earth that much easier. When we are anxious about life, Dolphin reminds us to breathe.

Information we heard in the womb and the learning and healing that come thereafter, is also governed by the Dolphin. It helps us revisit and heal our experience of the womb. Dolphin helps us to walk in rhythm with the throb of the Earth Mother’s heartbeat so that we may learn to communicate through meditation with Spirit. This is knowledge we may share with others.


4 thoughts on “Dolphin Dreaming

  1. I love this one! It says so much, and you have managed to get an almost perfect symmetry in the body… (and yes we would all love to have that figure back wouldn’t we! )

    It is amazing what our subconscious is often trying to tell us…

    I think this one would have to be my favourite so far.


  2. Jen, not sure when this last picture was done, time frame wise. But you seem to have evolved and more comfortable with yourself. I like the use of colours and can relate to the nature element. LOL


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