My Artworks

I’ve decided I might occasionally post some of my early artworks. During my late teens to early twenties (eons ago!! LOL) I devoted a lot of spare time to sketching, mainly using ball point pen, felt pen and coloured pencils. The sketch below is one of my earliest, when I was obviously feeling a sense of despair and anguish about not fitting in, and the other challenges of attending university. It was drawn halfway through my first year at UNSW. The person desperately trying to crawl away from the precipice, feeling naked and exposed, is faced by yet another hurdle as the monstrous, scary arms rip away at the rocky foundations, opening up another chasm ahead. I had a passion for drawing alien landscapes – probably because I felt like I was on the wrong planet! 😉



Actually the bedraggled, exhausted person in the picture looks the way I feel at the moment, LOL. I’ve got more medical tests happening tomorrow to try to shed some light on why I’m feeling so crap. Tests last week were all “normal” so that’s one hurdle overcome, but it’s also widened the abyss of uncertainty I’m facing at the moment, as many of the “simple” causes have been ruled out. Hmmm…  I’m sure I’ll escape the big scary monster and make it to safer ground. 😀

Here’s another sketch …just to prove my Zoology degree was not a waste of time, LOL.




4 thoughts on “My Artworks

  1. Love the artwork! Both pieces, and the feelings you were trying to convey in the first piece came through!

    The second piece is a very good testiment to your zoology skills!

    Maybe you need to find some time to sit down and draw again?


  2. Thanks Foxy 😀
    Finding time to draw again would be good, although I haven’t got the same drive and inspiration for it that I used to have. Life just seems too busy at the moment. Maybe one day…


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