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Now You Know…

Years ago when my eldest son (mildly Aspie, no dx) was in early primary school he developed a fear of going to school because he couldn't handle the reactions of other kids and some of the teachers when he didn't know the answer to a question or how to do some of the work. Being … Continue reading Now You Know…


Beltane Bird Revisited

I haven't been adding to this blog very much over the last couple of years as I tend to be focusing more on my Dragon Dreaming and Weight Loss blogs, and helping my dog with his blog. 😉 I also post things a lot on Facebook, forgetting that in many cases they'd be good material … Continue reading Beltane Bird Revisited

What your Asperger’s / #ActuallyAutistic friend probably wants you to know

Yes! …this! I reblogged this excellent blog post from “the silent wave” because it’s like the author got inside my head! (and expressed those thoughts far better than I ever could) 😀

the silent wave

Dear allistic friends with autistic friends/friends “with” Asperger’s…

I’m an Aspie.  That is to say that I’m on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum.  Being friends with me/us can be somewhat interesting at times.  We may have “quirks”, habits, rituals, behaviors, or other nuances that you might find confusing, interesting, amusing, annoying, or surprising.  You may wonder why we do/did or say/said something in particular.

I’m going to “let you in” on (my personal take on) friendships and bonding with an Aspergian/autistic person.  Anything I’m about to say probably won’t apply to all Asperger’s/autistic people; we’re all different, after all, and we need to be considered as such. 🙂

(I realize that I switch back and forth between “I/me” and “we/us” a lot; that is intentional.  I can only speak for myself, yet I have interacted with many other people on the spectrum, either passively by reading their writing, or actively by talking/chatting…

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The Circle of Light

The following information is from the YouTube page of Martin Samson, published Nov 15, 2015... The Circle of Light, by Martin Samson The Circle of Light has arisen out of many people asking what they can do in the face of the looming events of a world war. This is a call to every one … Continue reading The Circle of Light

Empathizing with sensory and movement differences: moving toward sensitive understanding of autism

Front. Integr. Neurosci., 24 May 2013 | Steven K. Kapp* Human Development and Psychology Division, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA The autism diagnosis requires deficits in social interaction and communication, yet neither occurs in isolation. This brief literature-based analysis provides evidence that other … Continue reading Empathizing with sensory and movement differences: moving toward sensitive understanding of autism

SMR Medieval Display Combat for Heritage Week 2015

Here's another video of my boys engaged in mortal combat, this time with the Sutherland Medieval Regiment (SMR) at the Woronora Cemetery Open Day held on 11th April 2015 during Australian Heritage Week. "Son2" is the Viking with white pants, brown leg-wraps, and the green and white round shield and "Son4" is the Hospitaller Knight … Continue reading SMR Medieval Display Combat for Heritage Week 2015

Auric Bleeding and Maintenance By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

The Human Physiology, Genetics, and Energetic System


The effect of opposing energy fields such as alternating currents and microwaves creating ‘reverse bio-polarity,’ causing auric micro-fracture layers and auric bleeding is briefly discussed. Many other factors that generate ‘short circuitry’ and the consequent auric bleeding are pin-pointed. While the discussion of such issues as long-distance air travel, overstay in power nodes, emotional stress resulting from negative attitudes, ego imbalance, and interpersonal conflict are postponed to publication in companion papers, recommendations are made as to avoid auric bleeding via proper energetic maintenance. The use of combination of gems and noble metals for shielding the aura and preventing auric bleeding is briefly discussed.


  • Most humans do not as yet recognize the priority relevance that the upkeep of the human electromagnetic field necessitates.
  • Most erroneously consider it to be an auto-regulated energy field that self-adjusts.auric bleeding 2
  • Many who accept the existence of the Human Electromagnetic Field understand little about how to…

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Festival of the Minds

Click here to see website 14th March - 15th March 2015 Liverpool Girl Guide Hall (Sydney, NSW Australia) Sponsored by the Pagan Awareness Network Australia Inc. with a discount for PAN members! Festival of the Minds is a celebration of wisdom, curiosity, and the search for knowledge within ourselves, our fascinating world and the mysteries … Continue reading Festival of the Minds