Empathy …it goes both ways!

It’s always seemed very unfair to me that autistics have been encouraged to learn to show empathy for and understanding of neurotypicals but the reverse has rarely been the case. When my “Aspie” sons were at school (they were all in mainstream classes) there were many times when I had to explain to their teachers why whichever son it was at the time had reacted in a particular way to whatever situation arose. Sometimes it fell on deaf ears, other times not — and those teachers who made the effort to understand my sons were the ones who had the most positive impact on their learning, both academically and socially, and were also the ones for whom my sons developed the most respect and admiration.

I was very pleased to find the following article from “The Enthusiastic Life”. 🙂

Strategies for Neurotypical People to Develop Empathy for Autistic People

NOTE: The article linked to above was originally “reblogged” here a few months ago using the WordPress Reblog function but for some reason the page was being flagged as “Connection is not secure” by all browsers. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was, as I have other articles on my site that are reblogged and don’t cause this issue, so I decided to delete my original entry and just link to the page instead of “reblogging”.



2 thoughts on “Empathy …it goes both ways!

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