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My ramblings about Paganism, Witchcraft & spirituality in general

17/03/2015 Samhain Weekend: 1st -3rd May 2015 “Day of the Dead”
27/02/2015 Festival of the Minds
28/02/2013 Parapsychology Certificate Course
01/01/2013 The world didn’t end & a new year begins
01/05/2012 Sacrificial Ferns
01/11/2011 Halloween, Samhain & Beltane in Australia
22/07/2011 Spot the Difference
12/07/2011 Angelic Synchronicity
26/05/2011 Busy, Busy, Busy …or, A Website Manager’s Work is Never Done
11/05/2011 Pretty ‘Shiny Things’ in the Shire …and beyond
30/04/2011 On the Eve of Samhain …A Dog’s Tale
18/03/2011 A Plum Job
28/02/2011 Crone and Sage
03/01/2011 Space Clearing Workshop
21/09/2010 Ostara & the Spring Equinox
21/09/2010 Southern Hemisphere Circle Casting: Which Way?
09/08/2010 Altared Evolution
20/07/2010 Imbolc in the Southern Hemisphere
02/06/2010 Spheres Of Light’s NEW LOOK
21/03/2010 Autumn Equinox Meditation
19/03/2010 Vesta Meditation – a personal experience
07/02/2010 The Necronomicon
21/12/2009 Another excellent edition…
30/10/2009 It’s Beltane again…
17/10/2009 Today’s the Day…
14/08/2009 SOL Scrying Weekend
11/08/2009 PAN Witches Ball ~ October 3, 2009
29/06/2009 Rather sad actually…
05/06/2009 Drum Making Weekend
27/02/2009 Which Goddess lurks in your soul?
22/02/2009 God Hates Australia …WTF?!
12/02/2009 argh! …this makes me sooooo angry!
24/01/2009 National Pagan Directory
09/01/2009 Freedom of Religion in Australia
21/11/2008 The Common Koel ~ My “Beltane Bird”
29/10/2008 Of Dragons & Synchronicity
25/10/2008 Beltane approaches…
19/09/2008 Spring Equinox & Ostara
05/09/2008 Getting back to basics…
26/05/2008 Transitions …my journey from Spring into Autumn
26/05/2008 What Witchcraft Means to Me

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