Spirit & Autism

My ramblings about the Autism Spectrum & Psychic/Paranormal Experiences & Spirituality

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16/06/2008 Paganism, Spirituality & Asperger’s Syndrome: Is there a Correlation?

(Image above created by Jenwytch by combining 3 other images found online with lots of imaginative ‘Photoshopping’.)

9 thoughts on “Spirit & Autism

  1. Hello there.

    I am very interested by the content that you have loaded here on the page on the link….

    Have you heard of Indigo children as well? I am not that convinced by it yet, but am very interested.

    I am doing scientific research on paranormal experiences that I have which involve ghosts and the Arctic etc.

    I have autism/Asperger Syndrome.

    I have a paranormal relationship with the Arctic. It is a very long story; how did you find all those references? There must be about 20 separate references there?
    Are there paranormal references to other illness around anywhere on the internet etc, such as Down Syndrome or William syndrome etc? This has to be ruled out to avoid and misjudgements (scientific method requires this).
    While some people may see this question as an attack, it is really just a way to make absolutely sure that there are no mistakes and that this is a real genuine paranormal situation (which my extensive research is showing that it is).

    Some of my research is suggestive of people with autism being spiritually superior (like a higher social class or royal status) in relation to gods etc. Though autism is still a genuine illness that needs the relevant medical attension.
    Have you seen any evidence of this?

    PS – I can withstand such extremely cold temperatures that it is considered medically impossible.

    Can you reply to me what your thoughts on this is?


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    1. Hi CREED,
      Yes I have heard of Indigo Children – I’m not convinced about them either but I’m keeping an open mind about it. You asked how did I find all my references? …Google! Google is my friend! LOL 😉 I have not looked into any relationships with the paranormal and other “syndromes” so I can’t help you there. Your work involving the Arctic and the paranormal certainly sounds very interesting! Thanks for commenting on my blog. By the way, there is an updated and improved version of my blog post that you were interested in at https://theotherside.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/autism-paganism-paranormal-updated/


  2. Everything about your blog validates my own work of the last fourteen years! It’s eerie how parallel our interests are. Thank you so much for turning up in this morning’s search!

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  3. WOW. Can’t wait to devour this!
    I am writing a film about this very phenomenon and have writers block! I’m looking for inspiration to write an uplifting/transcendant ending to a “horror/haunting” story. I am Asperges myself b.t.w. x

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