My Poetry

I first started to write poetry at high school, usually as part of my English homework, but I began to enjoy it and in later years wrote poems to send to friends and relatives for their birthdays or other special occasions, as well as to express my “inner depths”. Some of my poems are comical and have a narrative style, while others are more reflective, serious and in some cases rather sombre …not quite “dark night of the soul” material, but still expressions of some inner turmoil or soul searching. Anyway, please enjoy… 😀

Reflections on Life

18/08/2014 Haiku …by me and the dog
26/05/2013 Sixty-three Ravens (and One Dragon)
08/06/2012 Revelations
26/05/2008 Transitions …my journey from Spring into Autumn
14/11/2004 Phoenix
18/10/2004 Much Ado About Nothing
23/10/1977 Time
1973 Masks

Birthday Poems for Friends & Family

2008 A 50th Birthday Poem – 2 Variations
16/01/2006 Invitation thank you
18/02/2004 Life is Too Busy – A Belated Birthday Greeting
31/12/2000 A Very Choice 50th
1997 – 2000 Five Birthday Poems for Jeffrey & Christopher
01/07/1999 A 70th Birthday Poem
1998 A 40th Birthday Poem – 4 Variations
1997 For Xmas 1997
1993 A 35th Birthday Poem

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