Little Wattlebirds

Not just "Little Wattlebirds" (Anthochaera chrysoptera) but teeny-tiny "Little Wattlebirds" are living in my backyard. For a while now I've noticed a pair of Little Wattlebirds hanging around a particular area of the backyard. Unfortunately my dog Shelby often chases and barks at them when they fly low over the clothesline area. I assumed there … Continue reading Little Wattlebirds

Ironfest 2013

'An Arts Festival with a Metal Edge' - Ironfest celebrates working and playing with metal. Held annually in Lithgow on the closest weekend to Anzac Day, Ironfest brings together artists, designer/makers, blacksmiths, performers of all kinds, musicians, historical re-enactors and machine enthusiasts and hobbyists from all over Australia, and the world. Historical displays by local … Continue reading Ironfest 2013

After the Rain

After the rain this afternoon I noticed the fog spreading over the river at the bottom of my street, so I decided to take a quick walk with my camera to try to capture some of its eerie beauty. The photos don't really do it justice, but you can get some idea of what it … Continue reading After the Rain