Little Wattlebirds

Not just "Little Wattlebirds" (Anthochaera chrysoptera) but teeny-tiny "Little Wattlebirds" are living in my backyard. For a while now I've noticed a pair of Little Wattlebirds hanging around a particular area of the backyard. Unfortunately my dog Shelby often chases and barks at them when they fly low over the clothesline area. I assumed there … Continue reading Little Wattlebirds


Beltane Bird Revisited

I haven't been adding to this blog very much over the last couple of years as I tend to be focusing more on my Dragon Dreaming and Weight Loss blogs, and helping my dog with his blog. 😉 I also post things a lot on Facebook, forgetting that in many cases they'd be good material … Continue reading Beltane Bird Revisited