My inane ramblings about animals…

Shelby now has his very own blog! Click on the image below to check it out…

A Dog's Blog ...by Shelby

Shelby ~ my very intelligent and stunningly handsome Border Collie dog. ;)
The Wonderful Wodents ~ the cuddly pet rats we used to have.

13/11/2018 Little Wattlebirds
05/12/2017 Beltane Bird Revisited
10/09/2012 Fox Dreaming
16/03/2012 A Dog’s Blog …by Shelby
10/01/2012 NO! …don’t bite it!
24/09/2011 Lion Cub Sketch
30/04/2011 On the Eve of Samhain …A Dog’s Tale
21/05/2009 A Frog Blog
13/04/2009 An Eggsercise in Creativity (Easter Bunny)
25/10/2008 Happy Anniversary! (‘Frontlining’ the Dog)
16/08/2008 Canine Lunacy

Complementary & Alternative Healing for Animals…

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