My ramblings about Tarot, Runes, Astrology, Dowsing & Crystals

31/07/2011 Saturn Return
11/05/2011 Pretty ‘Shiny Things’ in the Shire …and beyond
15/02/2011 More Dowsing Rods
11/02/2011 Dowsing Rods
20/12/2010 Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse & Summer Solstice
01/12/2010 Amethyst Landscapes
09/09/2010 Runes for a Dog
06/01/2010 Hematite Dragon
03/12/2009 Gemini Full Moon ~ 2/12/09
30/09/2009 Thoth Tarot Deck
03/09/2009 Runes, cards & life’s possibilities…
31/08/2009 A Tarot Journey …my new blog
11/04/2009 Aries/Libra Full Moon
05/11/2008 Tarot and Oracle Cards
03/10/2008 Another Tarot Quiz…
03/09/2008 More Tarot Synchronicity
29/08/2008 Tarot Readings
24/05/2008 I Am the High Priestess

The linked banner above will take you to another of my blogs. Unfortunately my work on my “Tarot Journey” has fallen way behind where I wanted to be at this time, but I’m determined to get back to it and finish it one day. There’s also lots of links there to other interesting and helpful tarot sites. 🙂

Images above were created by Jenwytch using scanned images, images found online and some creative Photoshopping.

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