More Tarot Synchronicity

I was looking through my various bookmarked sites and came across the Glastonbury Tarot, which I hadn’t consulted in a while. So, I said to myself, why not give it a go and ask a question about friends ‘B’ and ‘C’ (mentioned in the previous blog)? Which of course is exactly what I did, inquiring about their situation and what was in store for them. Of course to anyone else reading this (apart from those directly concerned) it might not mean very much, but I just had to put it here. This tarot stuff really blows me away, LOL! The reading overall is very accurate (again, only from my view of things) and some of the same cards are again repeated. I suppose I could always work out the statistical probability of the same cards being drawn – but I’ve forgotten how, LOL – that was all back in the dark ages, in my uni days. At least I can remember the authors of the stats texts we used …Sokal and Rolf, or Rolf and Sokal, depending on whether it was the main text or the workbook. Oh dear, my age (and senility?) are showing. 😀 Anyway, here’s the results of the online Tarot reading…

Four of Chalices

Your present position.


The Four of Chalices shows that you have the support of others around you, which enables you to feel nourished and cherished. You give a great deal of yourself to those whom you care for, and are able to receive love in return. There is a childlike quality in this card, a sense of open-ness and innocence.

It is important that you enjoy the support of others, without allowing yourself to rely on it. It is good to have, but there is also a need for you to be able to stand alone and know that your strength truly comes from within yourself, and not from those around you. By realising this, you are able to resist any temptation to lean on others, or to allow them to lean too heavily on you. Through this, a healthy balance of energy can be obtained. E-motion stands for ‘energy in motion’. In the midst of a time of change, it is important to maintain your centre, and your sense of self.

Question to ponder: What supports you in your current situation?

Nine of Swords

What crosses you.


This card indicates that it is now time to allow yourself to grieve for what has been lost in the past. Through this, healing can be facilitated. It is important that you remember not to bottle up your emotions, and that you allow yourself to receive any support that is offered to you. No-one travels through life unscathed; emotional pain is one of the unpleasant facts of life. Yet it can also be seen as a gift, as long as it is recognised and released, and not held on to.

Mourning for what has been lost pierces your heart, and opens you up to new and deeper dimensions of feeling. The process brings about transformation through an expansion of awareness. The most sympathetic and empathetic people are those who have the courage and strength to face, acknowledge, and release their own suffering. Your experiences have taught you much. It is now time to recognise this, and to release the old with compassion, and create the space in your life for new and positive energy to come in.

Question to ponder: Are you now ready to make space for yourself to ‘let go’ of the past?

Four of Staffs

What is above you
– The Future.

FOUR OF STAFFS – Completion

A phase of your life has now drawn to a close, and it is time to move forward into a fresh and exciting new beginning. There is a sense of optimism, and a growing sense of freedom. Plans can now be put into action.

The imminent change brings with it the potential for a fresh start. This could take the form of a new relationship, home, or job, or a deeper sense of commitment within an existing relationship.

Question to ponder: What needs to be completed in your life?

The Hanged Man

What is beneath you
– Passing out of your life.


The lesson of The Hanged Man is the discovery of a state of inner peace, which enables you to surrender to even difficult situations. This is a time when you need to be patient, and to try not to force an instant solution.

This card advises you to be prepared to wait a while, until the timing is right for action. What you need will come to you in due course. The Hanged Man signifies that, even in the midst of difficulty, there is a need to ‘let go’, to surrender and listen to what your inner self is telling you.

It would be helpful to pause before acting, to evaluate the facts of your situation, and wait for the right solution to present itself.

Question to ponder: What needs to be let go of in order for the right solution to be found?

Queen of Staffs

What is behind you
– The Past.


You have experienced much in your life, and felt your emotions keenly. Because of your ability to be introspective, you have learned from your experiences, and have integrated this into your quest for self-knowledge. You are compassionate and kind, yet very strong in your views.

The Queen of Staffs can indicate mature sexual energy – not the infatuation of youth, but a need to be accepted as an equal in a relationship. The long, hard way is now behind you. It is time to recharge yourself and assimilate what you have experienced and learned.

Question to ponder: Have you a clear idea of the direction you wish to move in?

King of Swords

What is before you
– The Future


The King of Swords indicates the ability to see clearly, and to make just and wise decisions based upon discrimination and insight. It is now time to act upon your decisions. Obstacles can be easily overcome, and success is assured. This is a time to work hard towards fulfilling your ambitions, and there is likely to be advice offered from someone in authority.

Your powers of observation are sharp, and you have a deep sense of inner authority and confidence. Ensure that you feel grounded and centred, check all of the information available to you, and you will be able to forge ahead and realise your goal.

Question to ponder: Where can you seek wisdom in this situation?

The Hermit

Where you will find yourself.


The Hermit is the spiritual guide. It shows that you need to make some space in your life, in which you can reflect on your needs, and meet them. It is time for a period of withdrawal from worldly considerations, whether this takes the form of a holiday, a weekend break, or a day spent alone or with nature. This space will allow you to perceive your inner light, that which inspires you, and to nurture it.

The Hermit card does not mean that you deprive yourself of relationships with others, however. Its rulership of Virgo does indicate that you need to be discriminating about who shares your life, and that you are attracted to those with whom you have shared ideas and ideals. Someone could be entering your life whom you respect, and can learn a great deal from.

Perhaps you have been hiding your light under a bushel. If so, now is the time to let the beauty of your true self radiate outwards so that it can be recognised by others. Kindred sprits can then be drawn to you, who will accompany you on the next stage of your spiritual journey.

Question to ponder: What could you focus on in order to feel connected to your spiritual self?

King of Staffs

Your surroundings and
– or how others see you.


The King of Staffs indicates a time of great forward movement. An influx of energy is coming that you will not be able to ignore. With this will come a feeling of excitement, and of impatience to make things happen. Life is responding to that urge by creating changes around you. You can now tap into the rising tide of eagerness and enthusiasm, overcome any difficult situations that may arise, and enable your leadership qualities to come to the fore.

This card shows strong-mindedness, and an indomitable will. There is an open honesty in your optimism that will attract other people to you, and enable your inspired ideas to be put into action.

Question to ponder: Where do you seek change in your life?

Eight of Swords

Your hopes – or fears


The Eight of Swords indicates that strong feelings need to be safely released. There is a need to free yourself from repressive situations, in order to re-create a happier and more purposeful life. This card signifies a recognition of inner struggle, which leads to a process of ‘letting go’ in order to reach a solution.

A sense of empowerment ensues through channelling your emotions constructively. You could be feeling that boundaries have been overstepped. If so, it is time to create new boundaries, and to release your feelings by channelling them into something constructive.

Question to ponder: What are you holding on to that no longer serves you?

King of Chalices

The Outcome.


The King of Chalices represents the romantic image of the ideal man – someone who is passionate about life, who freely expresses his emotions, and who is able to be touched by them on all levels of his being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

For a woman, this card can indicate an ideal love entering her life, or already present. For a man, it shows the ability, and the desire, to enter wholeheartedly into a relationship, with a sense of joy and commitment. This card can also mean that an offer is about to be made to you by a man who is in tune with his creativity. It can denote a patron of the arts. You can now trust any guidance, or offers made to you, as these are likely to bring you success in your undertakings.

Question to ponder: What is your vision of an ideal relationship?

Okaaaaay, talk about synchronicity! How does an online tarot deck get so accurate? I love these cards, LOL! …and I promise I’ll leave this particular question alone now. 😀


One thought on “More Tarot Synchronicity

  1. Wow! Just had a play with the cards, and for my situation it is spot on and very similar to a reading i did myself the other day.

    Thanks for posting the link!


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