Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse & Summer Solstice

Lunar Eclipse, Woronora Heights, Sydney. Photo Copyright © 2007 PackRat (Click to enlarge)

Depending on where you live this December’s Solstice could share the same date as a lunar eclipse and the full moon, making it a very rare event. In fact, according to many reports this has not happened in 456 years (or 372 years, depending on which articles you happen to read). Most of these reports make reference to the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, which will occur at 11:38 PM UTC on December 21, 2010, with the full moon at 8:13 AM UTC and the eclipse mid-point at approximately 8:17 AM UTC. This means that many locations with UTC- (UTC ‘minus’) timezones will experience this rare event, but most locations with UTC+ timezones will miss out by a few hours.

In Australia our timezones range from UTC+7 hours to UTC+11 hours so the Summer Solstice (southern hemisphere seasons are opposite those on  the northern hemisphere) will not fall on the same day as the full moon and the eclipse. Here in Sydney, for instance, on December 21 we will experience the full moon at 7:13 PM AEDT and the lunar eclipse  at 7:17 PM AEDT but the Summer Solstice won’t occur until 10:38 AM AEDT on December 22, meaning we miss out on having this threesome all in the one day. 😦 However, with the full moon/total lunar eclipse and the solstice merely a half day apart, it will still be a very special time. 🙂

More information about the these events can be found at the following links…

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3 thoughts on “Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse & Summer Solstice

  1. Q: Are the confluence of these events significant to the world of witches, to ‘spiritual’ folk, or for special occult ceremonies?

    Is tonight, northern NSW time, a valuable time to seek to open one’s 3rd or ‘Spiritual’ eye?

    An email response might be nice?

    Tah, for the info!


    1. I suppose it would be significant to all, although just how the effects would be perceived would depend on an individual’s personal beliefs and what they are “open” to.

      A solstice is a turning point; some people consider a lunar eclipse to be a good time for working on the emotions, for going deep into your own psyche to your inner and hidden aspects; the full moon is believed by some to be a good time for any spells, especially protection and divination, fertility, creativity, healing, knowledge, romance, anything positive that you need to increase; the full moon in Gemini would affect issues such as communication, writing, wit, study, healing and travel.

      Based on the above information I personally feel that tonight would probably be a good time for opening the third eye, although I would do this as part of a whole chakra balancing and opening exercise.

      The only experience I have had with opening the 3rd eye is as part of chakra opening and balancing exercises done before meditation, which is followed by closing of the chakras which should be done at the end of the meditation. Examples of this type of chakra opening can be found on this page of the Spheres Of Light website. You might like to try the very first meditation in the list, called “The Healing Room” to experience this.

      I hope something here is helpful to you.



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