Tarot Readings

I’ve long been intrigued by the Tarot but never studied it thoroughly enough or used it often enough to become proficient at giving readings without always needing to refer to the various companion books to my many different sets of cards. However, I never cease to be amazed by the accuracy of the cards I draw, in relation to whatever question I may have asked. I know of course that the Tarot does not predict the future as such; it points to possible outcomes and gives the querent something to consider in relation to determining their own “fate”. Nothing is set in stone – there are always alternative outcomes. One could always do several card readings for the same question and see what the differences are. Then again, it would be easy to become a little concerned by the similarity of all the different readings if they all pointed to the same thing – which is kinda why I’m writing this.

Friend ‘A’ was asked by friend ‘B’ to draw some cards to help ‘B’ with some difficult decisions. ‘A’ drew the cards at home, alone on behalf of ‘B’ but the results were not very favourable. ‘A’ repeated the process, and still the results were not the best – too much doom and gloom. Not wanting to distress ‘B’, ‘A’ decided not to tell ‘B’ of the results just yet and determined to do another reading later that night to see if a slightly different outcome would emerge, or if a more positive spin could be put on whatever the cards might indicate.

In the meantime, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to do some readings of my own on behalf of ‘B’ and ‘B’s partner ‘C’. I’ve not mentioned this to anybody, and its really none of my concern as I wasn’t asked to do it, but I just wanted to see if my card readings would be the same or wildly different for the same situation.

So, I concentrated on the matter and seriously tried to mentally “tap in” to the situation and drew the first three card spread (past/present/future) from the Mythic Tarot (probably my favourite Tarot deck) for ‘B’…

Six of Wands (Recent Past) – indicating the public validation of a creative vision which began amidst anxiety and uncertainty – public acclaim or acknowledgement of some kind.  Hmmm… well, ‘B’s ‘vision’ is public in the sense that other friends know and have offered support and validation of ‘B’s feelings on this matter.

The Star (Present) – portends the experience of hope, meaning and faith in the midst of difficulties. Although the Star too can be ambivalent, and can warn against blind hope without the necessary action to build upon it, the Star is an augury of promise; a welcome experience for one who has passed through the collapse of everything which they believed to be of value in their life.

Seven of Cups (Future) – represents the boon, and problem, of being confronted with too many possibilities in matters of the heart. This is the card of “castles in the air” where the intuition perceives all kinds of potentials for the future, but where the individual is faced with an emotional situation along with the challenge of choosing and acting in realistic terms to make those potentials manifest.

Now the reading for ‘C’, from the same deck (these 3 cards actually flew out of the deck as  I was shuffling, and when I turned them over as a group, this was the order they were in)…

Queen of Swords (Recent Past) – represents striving toward perfection, or perhaps proving oneself but feeling one is never quite good enough to meet the expected standard. When this card appears it is time for the individual to meet that dimension in themself which clings unswaying to an immovable faith in high ideals. These ideals may be noble and lofty, and help to improve consciousness and the quality of life, but they may also reject life, and be a defense against the fear of being human and therefore vulnerable to hurt. The individual needs to see where they might create problems through demanding superhuman perfection of others or oneself.

Four of Pentacles (Present) – this card describes an inner problem of not enough confidence, and a fear of letting go or an attitude of holding on too tightly to things which are bound up with one’s sense of self value. The fear of loss may mean no loss, but it also means no gain.

The Hermit (Future) – this represents the lesson of time and the limitations of mortal life. Nothing is allowed to live beyond its span, and nothing remains unchanged. The Hermit is in some ways an image of humility, which often begins with humiliation in the face of that which we cannot change, but which can result in a quality of stillness and serenity without which we cannot endure the obstacles and disappointments which life sometimes brings. This card augurs a time of aloneness and withdrawal so that the wisdom of patience may be acquired.

Hmmm… knowing some of the details of the situation as I do, this is a very accurate reading of how things appear to be – to me anyway, being on the outside looking in (even if from a great distance). I’m not sure if ‘B’ and ‘C’ would see things exactly the same way, but then the view is often quite different from the inside. Again, I’m amazed at the synchronicity shown here.

I decided to do another few 3 card spreads (but didn’t write down the precise details of each one) with different Tarot decks and this is where it got a little spooky  – I drew out the very same “negative” cards that ‘A’ had drawn – 9 & 10 of Swords. Different decks & books put a slightly different slant on the meanings but they were essentially the same …(9 of Swords) heralds a period of great anxiety and foreboding about the future, and the importance of examining where guilt about the past might lie behind such fears, rather than being enslaved by them to one’s future detriment. Or a more upbeat version of the same card (Lucy Cavendish’s Oracle Tarot)… don’t worry so much, this time will pass, everything will be okay. The “Celtic Dragon Tarot” has probably the most gloomy, no-punches-pulled interpretation… “This card indicates a time of great misery, sadness, and depression. There could be a permanent loss or death of someone close to you. Severe illness is possible”.

The next card (10 of Swords) heralds the final ending of a difficult situation. The ending may be painful, but at last the situation is faced truthfully, and a new future, with fewer conflicts, can begin. And the lighter version… this situation may look very bleak right now, but when you think about it, you’re being given the opportunity to change your life for the better. The “Celtic Dragon Tarot” version… “You will experience a total disruption of plans and hopes. Bankruptcy may disrupt your life. Be prepared for a dark night of the mind and soul that may require counseling.”

I guess the disturbing part is that I drew these same cards a few times each in separate spreads from the different decks. Another card that turned up a couple of times was “Temperance” which implies the need for a flow of feeling in relationship, suggesting the potential for harmony, balance and cooperation resulting in a good relationship or a happy marriage.

Ok, put it down to coincidence rather than synchronicity, but maybe, just maybe there’s a message in there somewhere from the universe or wherever. It all seems so relevant – even the doom and gloom messages have something to them – timely warnings perhaps of possible consequences depending on the actions taken, presenting the opportunity to really think and consider ALL the options very carefully before acting. I certainly have no desire to distress ‘B’ either, but at the same time, a reading was asked for and the cards were drawn so I don’t really see the point of trying to get a more “acceptable” outcome at the expense of the message contained in the first. Who’s to say that it wasn’t important – the fact that the same cards and general theme of the message kept cropping up shows that it must be, and that these issues need to be faced head-on and dealt with appropriately, maybe even to the point of averting a disaster  …in whatever form that may take.

Because I wasn’t asked to do this, and its really none of my business, I’m not going to volunteer this info to anyone, BUT, if the main person concerned just happens to read this and can take something useful or helpful from it, then maybe it was “meant to be”.

In Love and Light,
~ J ~


3 thoughts on “Tarot Readings

  1. lol it must be our scientific minds, but i too am curious about all of this, but try not to question my readings too much (although I still need my little companion guides too!)

    The other thing to consider is that you might not be too sure as to what your friend was wanting to know. It might not be doom and gloom to them, just confirmation of what they are already feeling…

    what might seem like a negative reading to you, might be some guidance and reassurance to the queriant!


  2. I usually try not to question my readings too much also …but sometimes, like this time, curiosity just gets the better of me, LOL.

    Hmm… “scientific” tarot readings …interesting concept. 😀

    And true, I don’t know exactly what my friend was wanting to know, although I do have a general idea. But as you say, they might not interpret the results the same way. I guess its all very subjective anyway. 🙂


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