Dowsing Rods

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I was asked to make some dowsing rods for the Space Clearing Workshop being held at Wollongong tomorrow, so I’ve been busy at my kitchen table dowsing rod workbench for the last few days bending copper rods and adding the beads,  testing them to make sure they work smoothly, then packaging my beautiful creations. No two sets are the same and each one is a work of art …they’re my ‘babies’ and tonight I parted with them in the hope that at least some of them will be sold tomorrow and go to new homes. 😀

“Rosefern” is a magickal name I’ve had for a long time but not generally used publicly, but I decided it was appropriate to use it as my “brand name” for the dowsing rods. Unfortunately it’s not very unique — lots of other “Roseferns” turn up in a Google search, but it does have a nice “cottage industry/craft” sound to it so I’ll stick with it.

The photos below are of the 15 sets of L-rods (out of a total of 32 made this week) destined for the workshop tomorrow, and all neatly packaged by moi. There’s 17 more to finish and package before the next Space Clearing Workshop which will be held at “Embrace” at Miranda on February 20th (see advertising banner  below).

Close-up of beaded handles of 15 sets of copper dowsing rods. (Click to enlarge)

All neatly packaged and ready to hang up in the shop. (Click to enlarge)

I also included an instruction/information sheet with the sets of rods which contains the following…

What is dowsing? Dowsing, also called divining or radiesthesia, can be used for finding things and answering questions. Everyone has the ability to dowse and it is a skill that can be honed and perfected. Dowsing with parallel metal rods (L-rods) uses the movement of the rods to divine an answer.

Why use copper & beads? According to some users of divining rods, brass or copper are good conductors of energy and allow the rod to attune to magnetic fields emanated by the target without the earth’s EM field interfering. Copper is considered a mineral of energy and mental agility and can aid psychic abilities. Copper is an excellent conductor of energy, from electricity to the mystical subtle energies emanating from higher planes, etc. The handles of the rods are often encased in a material, such as the decorative beads used on these rods, which will allow the L-rods to swing freely, while also providing a constant electrical impedance, to prevent the dowser’s own conductivity from interfering with the dowsing process.

How does dowsing work? There are many different theories about the mechanism of dowsing. There may be explanations on the physical, emotional, spiritual, electromagnetic, biochemical and many other levels, which in essence explain the same thing in different terms. One explanation is that it is a simple process that connects the rational, intellectual part of ourselves with the intuitive, wise part or Higher Self. It is like a doorway between the mind and the spirit, using the body as a threshold. Dowsing seems to work by sending the unconscious knowledge into the arm muscles, making the L-rods move together or away from each other.

We can use dowsing rods to detect energy patterns in nature, such as the different frequencies or patterns of subtle energy given off by different substances, the Earth energies of different places or electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress so we can observe the different effects they have on us. Where ley lines cross are points of power. Other energy grids have been described, such as the Hartmann Grid, which is a series of energy lines about 2 to 2.5 metres apart, running North-South and East-West forming a grid around the Earth. The crossing points of these lines are considered to be unhealthy if one is to remain over them for long periods of time as in a bed or at a work station for example. Dowsing for these lines can help you to decide on a more suitable placement of furniture or regular daily activities etc.

We can also use dowsing to re-pattern chi (energy) paths and to bring healing to traumatized environmental energies. A set of L-rods also makes an excellent ghost hunting tool and may be used to locate a vortex or high EMF energy during a paranormal investigation.

How to dowse with L-Rods

  1. Pick up and hold the L-rods straight out in front of you in a comfortable position. It is important to relax and hold the rods loosely, as gripping them too tightly will prevent the rods from swinging and rotating freely inside the beaded handles. Hold the L-rods at least 6 inches apart, but no wider than shoulder width apart. You may wish to hold your elbows in next to your body for more support. Keep your grip loose and the rods parallel to the floor. Point the rods slightly down at a 5% degree angle.
  2. Now, relax and take a deep breath. Begin by “talking” to the rods as if you are talking to your spiritual guides. The first thing you need to do is establish what a “yes” answer looks like by saying, “Show me a yes”. Most people get the L-rods to cross, but if the rods want to be wide open for yes, it’s OK. Just make sure you always get the same response for a yes answer. Once the L-rods are programmed for a “yes,” you are ready to program them for a “no.” Repeat the exercise with, “Show me a no.” Your intent expressed in the yes/no question will cause the rods to respond with an answer.
  3. Calm and centre yourself and, standing comfortably with your rods in their neutral position, state what your target is, or what you wish to search for, eg. earth energies, ley lines, an energy vortex or even a lost item etc.
  4. Walk forwards at a slow but steady pace. When you reach the first target your rods may either split apart or cross over, depending on what you have determined to be the “yes” or “here it is” response. Sometimes both rods might swing to the right or the left, indicating the new direction you should follow. Continue dowsing to find your target.

The article above, on Copper Dowsing Rods, can also be downloaded as a PDF by clicking on the image at the left.

More detailed information about dowsing and earth energies can be found in the following articles on the SOuL Searchers website: “Dowsing with L-Rods“, “Leylines & Geopathic Stress“, “Neutralising Geopathic Stress” and “Dowsing for the Paranormal“.

“Pendulums” by Jared O’Keefe
“New Age Encyclopedia” by Belinda Whitworth
“How To Make White Magic” edited by Raje Airey

In the beginning…

The first few sets of L-rods I ever made were done a couple of years ago for some SOL & SOuL Searchers members and friends. Most of the earlier sets were made using copper-coated welding rods, which were just the right length and worked very well. The photos below show a selection of some of the many “welding rod” dowsing rods I made…

Some dowsing rods I made in 2008 using copper coated welding rods.

(Click to enlarge)

When the supply of welding rods ran out (they were ones that my husband had been given but were the wrong type for the sort of welding he did) I decided to try some thicker copper rod, which husband-dearest purchased for me. I had enough rod to make 40 pairs of L-rods …the first 8 sets went to various homes some time ago. Unfortunately I never photographed all of them and I can only remember where  6 sets ended up and only have a photo of 5 of them. The 6th set (not shown here) was red, white and green — a similar pattern to the orange, yellow and black set on the right side of the photo below.

(Click to enlarge)

The rods with the skulls and the ones with the green beads were made as part of a wedding gift for  two friends; the maroon set I kept for myself, and the other two were sold to another friend.

I just wish I could remember what the 2 unaccounted for sets looked like and who they went to. It annoys me that I can’t remember! 😦 Oh well, maybe the people who have them might read this and let me know. It’d be nice to have a photo of those rods too. Of course there’s many more of the smaller gauge rods I made floating around somewhere “out there” and they weren’t photographed either. As with the more recent dowsing rods, each set of my earlier ones were also unique. 😀




5 thoughts on “Dowsing Rods

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yep, the ones I first used were modified clothes hangers too, slipped into the plastic outer casings of 2 “biro” pens for handles. They worked ok but not as aesthetically pleasing. 😀


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