Aries/Libra Full Moon

The Full Moon was out in all her splendour last night so I tried taking some photos with my little Canon Digital IXUS 950IS as the clouds cleared. The results weren’t very exciting, partly because they were done without the aid of a tripod, but also because the camera is not quite “adjustable” enough for night photography of luminous objects such as the moon.


The moon was surrounded by a large golden-brown halo, which unfortunately did not show up well in the photos, but at the time was quite spectacular. Typically if the moon shows a halo, it means that rain is threatening for the next day – today has  certainly been overcast and rain is predicted by the weather bureau for the next few days.


The astrological influences of this Full Moon, in brief from Kelly Surtees’ Astrology Blog, are…

Full Moon April 10 0:55am AEST Libra 19 degrees

The Full Moon in Libra is one of two lunations each year that highlight balance in partnerships. The ‘me’ vs. ‘we’ debate arises as you explore new strategies around equality and fairness with others while maintaining your sense of self. Discussion and debate help forge new paths forward as this Full Moon illuminates the Air (mind) element. Energy planet Mars aligns with Uranus encouraging single minded pursuit of personal goals. It’s ok to be a rebel with heart now; positive passion is hard to refuse, even if it shakes things up.

What’s also important about this time of the month is the fullness of emotions everyone experiences. Intuition peaks as the Moon, symbolizing emotion, feeling, nourishment and your inner world stands equal opposite the light of the Sun (consciousness, ego, identity). It’s easier to get clarity around your feelings as your emotions swell and your head finally gets what’s going on in your heart. Insight is within reach.

Another very illuminating site (excuse the pun, LOL) is by Lisa Dale Miller. Her interpretations are much longer and more detailed and often show amazing synchronicity with the current events in my life. Here’s an excerpt from her article about this Full Moon (go to her website to read the entire article)…

Libra rules Karma (action) and it is Libra’s job to give us the ability to pursue “right action”. What is this principle of right action?

1. Seek justice with fairness and balance.
2. Embrace your differences without being attached to them.
3. Work to understand viewpoints other than your own.
4. Remember “the truth” is relative and based upon one’s perception.
5. Initiate compromise, the basic building block of all solutions.
6. When we give a little we get a lot. When we give a lot, we get more than we can imagine.
7. Negotiation can always be the first and last response to conflict.
8. Violence is not a viable way to bring peace. Violence only begets more violence.
9. Insist on peace and non-violence.
10. When you cause pain and suffering to others, you destroy yourself in equal measure.
11. Saying and doing everything with love, compassion and respect is the only way to win.

These principles are applicable to all our relationships, be they intimate, familial or professional.

I’m always amazed at the accuracy of the astrological interpretations by both Kelly and Lisa, and by the fact that astrology actually works (in spite of not being “scientific”), LOL.


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