Pretty ‘Shiny Things’ in the Shire …and beyond

I’ve been very busy adding more entries to the National Pagan Directory …groups, shops, health care practitioners and celebrants, and that’s just in the last few days. I’ve made lots of pretty advertising banners for the Pagan Ritual Supplies page in the Businesses & Services section, and as there are many of my favourite shops featured there I thought I’d show off some of the banners here as well. 😀

If you’re a regular reader here you’d probably know by now that I like ‘shiny things’ …crystals, jewellery, crystal jewellery …you get the picture. So, naturally my favourite shops are the ones that sell these things, and living here in ‘The Shire’ I am lucky enough to be able to visit a number of wonderful crystal/spiritual shops all within easy travelling distance of my home. I honestly don’t know which one I could call my favourite, and to be fair I’m not even going to try. Although they all sell crystals, jewellery, books, CDs, incense, oracle and tarot cards etc, and offer various types of workshops, healing and readings, each shop feels like a peaceful sanctuary with a unique atmosphere, reflecting the individual interests or focus of the people who own and run them …people who are all very friendly, helpful and dedicated.

So, without further ado, here they are (arranged in alphabetical order)…

Angelica's Crystals 2230

Awaken Crystals 2229
Crystals of Miracles 2219
Crystal Pathways 2233
Embrace 2228

In case you were wondering, yes, I have bought things from each of the shops listed above …many lovely shiny things in the form of crystals and silver jewellery …and books, oracle cards, incense, essential oils, dragon statues, crystals and other bits and pieces. Did I mention crystals? 😉 In fact I’ve collected so many crystals from various places over the years that I’ve forgotten what some of them are. Photographing them and adding them to my online BOS is another project for the future. At least then I’ll have a photographic record (mostly labelled) to jog my memory. As for the ones I’ve forgotten, I know where to take them to get them identified, lol. 😀


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