Runes, cards & life’s possibilities…

Occasionally I consult my various oracles, tarot decks and runes  just to see what insights they might reveal. I’m often blown away by their amazing accuracy and synchronicity — somehow Spirit causes precisely the right ones to be chosen, continually reinforcing the idea that it’s not all just chance or coincidence. Last night was no exception. I decided to consult the Oracle of the Dragonfae (by Lucy Cavendish) and pull just one card to get a brief overview about certain things affecting a part of my life right now.

LC-25The card that came up was No. 25 ~ Lady of the New Buds ~ Nurture tenderness. This card, featuring three women (with one more prominent than the other two) speaks about nurturing and caring, and all the work (often unnoticed by others) that goes into growing something, whether that be actual plants from seeds, or even relationships or communities that grow and flourish with the right care, or wither and die without it. “Enlist the assistance of like-minded souls, and just as you would not feed these tender buds poisons and pollutants, do not feed your ideas the opinions and energies of those who are not in integrity. Stay true to the vision of your creation…  For now it is the tender time, the time when the buds are most at risk from the frost of rejection, the poison of judgment, and the choke of cruelty.” Further on, under the title of Divinatory Meanings for this card, it said, “Resisting change is resisting the life force itself. Change is positive, stasis can be a kind of slow death.” Hmm… very close to home!

Peorth-MysteryNext I decided to pull out a rune to see if the message was similar. The first rune was Perth or Perthro ~ Chance, synchronicity. Ralph Blum’s interpretation of this rune says, “Perth points to that which is beyond our frail manipulative powers. This rune has associations with the  phoenix, that mystical bird which consumes itself in the fire then rises from its own ashes. Deep inner transformational forces are at work here. Regarding human nature, this rune is symbolized by the flight of the eagle. Soaring flight, free from entanglement, lifting yourself above the endless ebb and flow of ordinary life to acquire a broader vision. Perth signifies an intense aspect of Initiation. This rune is concerned with the deepest stratum of your being, the bedrock on which your Destiny is founded. For some, Perth means experiencing a death. If need be, let go of everything… nothing less than renewal of the Spirit is at stake.”

I know Ralph Blum’s interpretations are not held in high esteem by everyone who uses runes (his “blank rune” for instance, is an oxymoron in my opinion – I don’t use it), but I thought this reading was rather fitting. And, like the Dragonfae card it speaks of cycles and letting go or not resisting change. In any case I decided to consult The Runes Workbook, by Leon D. Wild to see if its descriptions differed substantially from Blum’s or not. Wild’s book states, “Perthro is a rune of change, synchronicity (meaningful coincidences), cause and effect, and chance. This is the rune of casting and of the threefold process of arising, becoming, and arising anew (as in the birth/life, death, and rebirth cycle). Perthro is the lot box, the container of rune staves in divination or of dice in any test of your luck. The shape of the rune is suggestive of a well — the Well of Wyrd.” This connection to the Well of Wyrd also connects it with the Norns – three sisters who shape our fates. Hmm… the Dragonfae card also showed three women.

Is-IceStill not satisfied with all the glaring synchronicities and Twilight Zone Moments (TZMs) I decided to draw one more rune… Isa ~ Contraction, stillness, silence. Blum’s description is, “The winter of spiritual life is upon you. You may find yourself entangled in a situation to whose implications you are, in effect, blind. You may feel powerless to do anything except submit or surrender. This is the period of gestation that precedes a birth…  You may be experiencing an unaccustomed drain on your energy and wonder why: a chill wind is reaching you over the ice floes of old outmoded habits. Let go, shed, release, cleanse away the old; doing so will bring on the thaw. What you are experiencing is not necessarily the result of your actions or habits, but rather arises from conditions about which you can do nothing. What has been full must empty, what has increased must decrease. Isa can announce a time of restoration and renewal at the deepest level. Remain mindful that the seed of the new is present in the shell of the old.”

Wow, it’s still all about seeds and cycles and letting go!

This morning I decided to consult the tarot (The Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway & Lisa Hunt) and asked for a general overview of the same situation. The cards I drew also showed astounding accuracy in their portrayal of the events surrounding this aspect of my life (and the lives of others involved). I drew three cards for a simple past/present/future reading…

Cups-5Past ~ Five of Cups

Regret over past actions; something has gone wrong, a betrayal has occurred and there is sadness and remorse. The order of things has been upset. There is the possibility of a divorce or the breakup of a marriage or friendship. The individual is concentrating more on the cups that have been spilled than the ones still standing, indicating that something remains which can be worked on, but it is up to the individual to see this opportunity and take up the challenge and make a commitment to the future.

Cups-2Present ~ Two of Cups

A great love or friendship is now possible. This card can also indicate an engagement, marriage, or birth announcement. There is the necessity of a commitment of some kind. It can also suggest a reconciliation where an already existing relationship has undergone difficulty or separation. It is a card representing equilibrium and understanding, and reminds us that through mutual support we can attain our goals. In light of the previous card, this card also shows us the cyclical nature of life — the birth of new opportunities from the death of something old — birth/death/rebirth.

Wands-7Future ~ Seven of Wands

This card points to difficult times ahead, and in this case they are possibly because the opportunities offered in the previous card were not taken up. You must draw on your inner resources as well as your physical strength in order to fight against adversity. Your success will depend on personal resolve and courage. In your personal relationships, you will need to clarify some specific issues that present and ongoing problem. This could bring difficulty and harsh feelings. Be aware and protect yourself against adversaries. Now is the time to take a stand on an issue that is important to you.

Again, these readings are wonderfully accurate, both in a detailed, specific sense, and also regarding overall trends. I know these ramblings won’t make much sense to most people reading this, except perhaps to demonstrate the wonderful synchronicity between the results of the different methods of divination. While the key features of this issue were emphasized by some repetition in the different readings,  each method also brought to mind other aspects for consideration.

These readings also tie in nicely with other tarot readings and rune selections that have been done recently and reinforce some messages. To sum up, this has been one nice big fat TZM! 😀


6 thoughts on “Runes, cards & life’s possibilities…

  1. I love it when you do these… I think because we both share a science background and want some evidence that something is affecting the cards not random chance. So thank you for sharing!

    I hope that the current situation does get resolved for you soon and without too much hurt…



  2. Thank you! 😀 …I guess this is the closest we’ll get to “scientific” divination …just love that repetition of results, even though the sample size is not very big, LOL.

    Hopefully the issues will be sorted soon, although it could get a bit messy in the process and healing could take a while …but I’m confident it will all work out for the best …whatever happens.


  3. Wow! …a lot has happened in the short time since I did those readings …they were spot on! Definitely a TZM! Unfortunately people have been hurt, including those who caused the problems (what goes around comes around ;-)) but for others caught in the fall out the healing has already begun.


  4. A follow up with the tarot…
    In light of the accuracy of the cards & runes regarding recent circumstances I decided to do a follow up reading to see if the cards reflected what was currently happening and would indicate a possible outcome. I shuffled the deck thoroughly while asking my question, and as I was doing so one card flew out of the pack. It was the Ten of Cups – goals are reached successfully. Contentment and happiness come into your life. Strong friendships brighten your existence. A joyful family occasion (and ‘family’ can have many different meanings) is possible. Definitely a TZM there , LOL.

    I returned the card and continued shuffling the deck, split it into three piles, then chose one pile and selected the top three cards of that in order of past/present/future, then turned them over. You won’t believe what I got (well, maybe you would, LOL)…

    Past – Two of Wands
    Focus your will and energy to accomplish your desires. This card heralds the formulation of a new aim, idea, goal or creative project. Help with realisation of a dream may come from a distance. A new endeavour requires courage and planning for the future.

    Present – Seven of Wands
    This is the same card that was the future in the previous reading – it has now become the present! Difficult times, harsh feelings, protecting yourself from adversaries and taking a stand on and issue that is important to you. That sums up what is being moved through now, although a positive outcome is already in sight.

    Future – Two of Cups
    A great friendship is now possible, or engagement, marriage or birth announcement …the beginning of a new relationship or a reconciliation after difficulty or separation. (This is all true on a number of different levels but I won’t go into details here.) There is the necessity of a commitment of some kind. (Yep, there sure is!) This card also happened to be the ‘present’ in the previous reading, which indicates to me that things will get back to ‘normal’ again and all will be well …it emphasizes the cyclical nature of life.

    Hmm… gotta love those TZMs 😀


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