More Dowsing Rods

17 new L-rod sets (Click to enlarge)

This afternoon I finished the 2nd batch of L-rods. (See my post on Dowsing Rods if you don’t already know what this is all about.)

I haven’t packaged them for sale yet but I should get that done before the next Space Clearing Workshop to be held at “Embrace” at Miranda, NSW on Sunday 20th February. In the meantime, here’s my latest creations alongside a photo of the 1st batch, just so you can see that they really are all different :-D…

Comparison of 1st (left) & 2nd (right) batches of L-rods two sets are the same. (Click to enlarge)

Edit: 17/02/2011 (2 days later) Here’s the 2nd batch below, all packaged now. Not sure how long before I’ll need to make more but I hope it’s a while. Making the L-rods is the fun part, but packaging them gets a bit tedious. I’ll definitely have to look into simpler ways of packaging if I’m going to make more of these.

Edit: 22/02/2011 (1 week later) Below are 2 photos of the last 5 sets of L-rods (of the first set of 15) left for sale at “Embrace” after the workshop. They were on display on the floor when I first went in so I photographed them there. After a chat with the sales lady she cleared a hanging space for them, where I said they’d probably look much better. After all, I had punched a hole in the top of each bag (and they all had a piece of thick card inside so the holes wouldn’t tear) specially so they could be hung up for display.

They’ve been moving the stock around in the shop every few days so nothing is ever in the same place it was — keeps things new so people stay longer to look around and maybe buy something. So who knows where the rods will be next time I call in? Or maybe they’ll all be sold? 😀

Edit: 24/02/2011 (9 days later) I sold another set last night to a friend who lives in Goulburn. I packaged them up and posted them, so now I only have 16 sets left. I’m glad people like them but at the same time I don’t want them to sell too well as I really don’t feel like making more of them any time soon. I started making them originally because our pagan/paranormal group wanted some; I made a couple as gifts for friends, then recently I was asked to make some more for the space clearing workshops. Oh well, I’ll just have to see what happens next.

Edit: 4/3/2011 Some feedback from my very satisfied Goulburn customer… 😀

Wow. I get very clear Yes with them crossing. Right and left signs and they stay still for no. They answer questions. Having never used rods before I was amazed at how responsive they are.


2 thoughts on “More Dowsing Rods

    1. Thanks Susie …glad you like them. Sorry though, I don’t sell them online. I only have a few left and they’re to be sold at workshops my group conducts. You could try making your own. The trick is to get beads with a large enough hole for the thickness of the wire/rod you use to allow them to spin freely, yet not too big as that can impede free rotation as well. Wooden beads are good as you can drill the holes a bit larger if you need to. Once you’re happy with the arrangement of beads put a smaller tighter bead on the bottom then hammer the tip of the rod just below the last bead so the rod tip is wide and flat and prevents the beads from sliding off.


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