Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon ~ 2/12/09

Last night I performed a simple ritual under the Full Moon, then took some photographs to try to capture a glimpse of Her beauty…

The Full Moon, viewed from my front verandah.

The following information about this Full Moon is from

Full Moon December 2 at 11 degrees Gemini

Sydney – December 2, 6.32pm

Those bold visions you have need to be backed up with hard data now. The Mercury/Uranus alignment suggests wild ideas are needed to refresh daily life. A Venus/Saturn sextile supports relationship commitments so consider taking the next step. Mars, Jupiter and Chiron combine to offer hope and enough daring to help you overcome any fears or insecurities that have held you back. Adventure, discovery and new horizons help you get a fresh perspective on current events.

And from

The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, in Gemini we have the twin aspects celebrating co-operation in unison, the individual parts remain unique but are now able to align in the polarisation of Sagittarius as it shoots straight to the heart. Time to celebrate our diversity in oneness, great time for a party or to be the radiant Light that you are. Gratitude for the blessings of our life and the abundance we are and share in joy and love. This full moon is always a powerful one and assists us to connect deep into the inner realms of Light and unity.

Hmmm… “co-operation in unison, the individual parts remain unique” …very appropriate given certain events in my life over the last few days. Actually both interpretations of this full moon’s energies outlined above are spot on regarding “stuff” that’s been happening around me lately.

I also found another article about this Full Moon which adds further ‘illumination’ to the reasons for some of the recent events I’ve experienced or witnessed. This article is much longer and more detailed so I’ve just copied some excerpts which are pertinent to my own experiences. You can read the whole article at

The Moon and Mercury will be traveling out of bounds (OOB) for this Full Moon, adding an extra intensity to any major events that occur in our lives. We always feel so much more vulnerable when the Moon is traveling OOB. When we add in the OOB Mercury, we seemingly have more difficulty thinking logically. We may be quick to react, but the reaction may not be in our best interests.

The Sun in Sagittarius tends to bring a sense of optimism, but it can also bring up feelings of restlessness. Watch out for another’s actions or intentions that could be detrimental to our own best interests. We are all bursting with unbridled energy right now, but we need to make our own choices in regards to what we need to experience.

Mercury in Sagittarius is tapping into several planetary influences. Mercury is sextile to Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius. On the plus side, our perceptions of reality are based on our dreams and goals. Keep an eye out for new opportunities. On the not so plus-side, the past may come back to haunt us if we ignore the lessons that we have already learned.

Venus is also in Sagittarius, but at the earlier stages of the sign. Hopefully, while Venus connects back to Saturn in Libra with a sextile, we recognize the significance of loyalty and stable interactions.

Mars in Leo is opposing Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius. This can provide the added incentive to change paths or even open up new directions for us. The next two weeks have the potential to be both opportunistic and confusing. Don’t let anger take us on an unnecessary path to destruction. Allow the frustration to open up our hearts. When we clear our minds of the past clutter, we begin to see that we can solve our own problems by being more creative with our intentions.

Jupiter’s tight conjunction with Chiron in Aquarius is at a critical degree. The intensity of the placement can ultimately help us to discover a greater level of acceptance although at times, it will feel as though we are being persecuted for our beliefs and/or values. We tend to forget that our own experiences do not always give us much insight into the needs of others until we crash right into another’s belief system.

Certain aspects of this also tie in very nicely with a rune reading I did a couple of days ago, when seeking an answer to a specific question about the “happenings” of late. I drew out Ehwaz, which literally means “horse” …a rune of teamwork, partnership and trust …of working together for common goals. It also represents duality, and its astrological correspondence is Gemini. How synchronistic that I should draw that particular rune at this time!

Ehwaz is not force, but persuasion, suggestion and co-operation. Control issues that birth questions such as โ€˜who is the boss?โ€™ are settled and accepted with assistance of this rune. Making the best of a situation, making the necessary adjustments to a relationship and the finding of means are frequent activities that focus on Ehwaz can assist. In every way it represents flexibility, adaptability, pragmatism. It is the activation and use of instinct, using gut over analysis.

Hmmm… “gut over analysis” …yes, I am trying to pay more attention to my “gut instincts”. And taking notice of those feelings has led me to believe that everything that has occurred recently happened for a reason and that all is as it should be.

All is one; nothing ever stays the same.


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