Autism & Aspergers Syndrome

My ramblings (& reblogs) about Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome

30/06/2021 Prosopagnosia & Autism
09/05/2018 Now You Know…
04/12/2017 Empathy …it goes both ways!
02/11/2016 What your Asperger’s / #ActuallyAutistic friend probably wants you to know (reblogged from “the silent wave”)
07/07/2015 Empathizing with sensory and movement differences: moving toward sensitive understanding of autism
16/11/2014 Theory finds that individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome don’t lack empathy – in fact if anything they empathize too much (reblogged from “Seventhvoice”)
07/03/2013 High Functioning Autism in Females – Addressing the level of misdiagnosis reported by parents of daughters with Asperger’s Syndrome – High Functioning Autism (reblogged from “Seventhvoice” with my comments re my personal experience added)
02/04/2012 World Autism Awareness Day
09/11/2011 Autistics Speaking Day
06/12/2010 Kindred Spirits
08/10/2010 History of Autism …in a nutshell
12/07/2010 Autism Reality
09/05/2010 Happy Mother’s Day!
23/02/2010 Mary and Max
01/02/2010 A Vanishing Diagnosis?
31/08/2009 Different …it’s not so bad
31/08/2009 Through My Eyes
04/06/2009 Colours of the Week
16/01/2009 Prenatal Testing for Autism?
21/12/2008 Bittersweet Endings and New Beginnings
08/11/2008 Oops, Wrong Planet
02/10/2008 The Geek Syndrome
10/08/2008 Aspie Quiz
25/07/2008 Autistics Need Acceptance, Not Cure

Artwork above was drawn by Jenwytch, then digitally altered ~ Dualities in Balance.

Autism ~ Inside, Looking Out

(Websites and blogs by autistic authors/bloggers)

July 2017:  I received a message from Actually Autistic Blogs List — A list of blogs by Autistic people to say that my blog was included on their blogs list. 🙂 All the blogs below, which are ones I had come across in my own browsing and research from 2008, are probably on the “master” blog list referred to above, but I’ll leave my little list here anyway.

Autism ~ Outside, Looking In

(Autism/Aspergers Services – usually from a non-autistic person’s view of autism.)

4 thoughts on “Autism & Aspergers Syndrome

  1. Hello!

    I am going through my old information of blogs who at one time linked to the Woman With Asperger’s blog. You’ve linked to me in your blogroll (my apologies for commenting here — I couldn’t find an email address). Unfortunately, I lost my old URL, However, the Woman With Asperger’s blog can be found at: Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience and adjust your links accordingly.

    Thank you very much,

    Nicole Nicholson


  2. Hi,

    My name is Stacey I was diagnosed as borderline PDD-NOS than borderline Aspie on other days with co morbid traits that do not meet critieria. This diagnosis occured after I had children. Just letting you know here in victoria we are trying to make a parents with disabilities incorporation (for many types of disabilities) Called Parent with disabilities victoria. as a group we are trying to close the gaps in the community and government system to make it easier for parents with disabilities as well as provide support to other parents 🙂

    If anyone would like more info you can contact Jeanette Lee at yooralla

    244 Flinders Street
    Melbourne, Victoria 3000

    Postal address

    P.O. Box 200
    Flinders Lane Victoria 8009

    Tel: (03) 9666 4500

    TTY: (03) 9916 5899
    Fax: (03) 9654 7779


    🙂 Stacey


  3. Hi Jenwytch,

    Just stumbled on your blog and was so interested to read the article on Aspergers and Empathy.
    I have three sons, one diagnosed with ASD and the other two with a lot of traits. I was amazed to find the article as two days ago I was discussing with a colleague that I think I am on the spectrum but I tend to over empathise, taking on other’s emotions and feelings to my own detriment. So it was great to read that sensitivities are also evident in the way we process empathy.

    As a pagan, celebrating Imbolc, (this was actually why I was reading your blog) I was astounded by your title, as it felt like it was coming from myself, Aussie, Pagan, Aspie, Housewife. As a solitary practitioner it felt like making a connection on Brigid’s sacred day, so thank you Jenwytch for all you do!

    Liked by 1 person

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