Dualities in Balance


“Dualities in Balance” (click on image for larger view)

I’m feeling in a strange, reflective mood at the moment and have decided it is time to post another of my sketches. Unfortunately the quality of the picture has deteriorated a little over time – the combination of felt pens,  scrappy paper and storage in a plastic paged photo album has made it look a bit patchy. At the time I did this drawing I was feeling “divided”, as if I lived between two worlds yet belonged to neither. The scene in the middle represents “home” and the balance I was seeking but couldn’t quite find. It also shows different aspects of the self – male and female both embodied within the one – god/goddess/universe. I wasn’t Pagan back then – I didn’t even know that (neo)pagans or witches existed but I definitely felt a “calling”, for want of a better term, to something other than the Christianity my mother believed in, or the atheism of my father. They seemed to be the only two choices at the time, within my rather sheltered existence.  Many years later I wrote a poem about my journey into paganism and witchcraft, called Transitions, and one of the lines in it reads “the Goddess, to complement the God, the seen and unseen, dualities in balance”. I hadn’t even thought of this drawing when I wrote that, but somehow it seems to fit. There’s other symbolism in the drawing as well – fantasy/sci-fi ideas of alternate universes, alien planets, “black holes”, “worm holes”, portals in time and space etc – I read a lot of sci-fi at the time.  🙂 Hmmm… funny how my perception of the dividing line between fantasy and “reality” has changed. 😉


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