An Unexpected Gift

About four weeks ago I finally relented to my youngest son’s occasional but ongoing request (for over a year or maybe two) and said yes to buying him a Predator mask and matching monster gloves (based on the ‘Predator’ movies) from some obscure little costume/fancy dress company in the US. We hadn’t been able to find them at any Aussie shops, online or otherwise. I figured if he still wanted the things after all that time then maybe it wasn’t a two-second-wonder. Unfortunately the items still haven’t arrived so they’ll have to be a belated Xmas present.

My new staff, made by my youngest son. (Click to enlarge)

Anyway, he was feeling so happy that I’d finally agreed to get them for him that he thought I deserved something nice in return. At just 13 years old he’s the only one of my sons who has shown a serious interest in Paganism and he decided to make a beautiful staff for me (from a eucalyptus branch found in the bushland across the road) to add to my collection of ‘witchy’ tools and paraphernalia. He managed to keep it a complete secret for the first week or so, but after a while I wanted to know what he was spending so much time on in the garage/workshop. I was informed that I was not to go in there as it was a surprise, so I left it at that, and like a good mummy, I stayed out and didn’t ask any more questions.

I was very curious to know what it was, but still I didn’t peek; even when my oldest son came upstairs from the garage and asked me a question about amethyst and crystal correspondences, then made the (very unlikely) excuse that someone at uni wanted to know; or when 2nd son told me not to go to the garage as he went in to help youngest with ‘something’; or when youngest wanted to measure my height and asked what my two favourite elements were (Water and Earth); or when youngest needed a length of leather strapping but I had to tell him I only had some brown vinyl fabric that I could cut into a long strip which might be suitable for whatever ‘it’ was. I knew there was wood involved as there seemed to be a lot of sanding, varnishing, rubbing back and re-varnishing involved in this project. Then youngest wanted to know if I had any imitation ivy but the closest I had was a length of imitation vine with some amethyst-coloured flowers on it. He was very pleased as he thought the vine with flowers was even better than plain ivy and he disappeared with it into the garage. I was quite puzzled by now as to what this ‘thing’ could possibly be! 🙂

My staff beside the altar. (Click to enlarge)

My mysterious gift must have been finished about a week before Xmas because the surreptitious activity died down and I was given the all-clear to go to the garage again if I needed to. Xmas day finally came …and almost went before he remembered my gift! It’d slipped my mind too as I had a very busy day preparing food and cleaning/tidying the house in preparation for my parents’ visit for dinner that night, but he finally remembered and presented it to me.

Needless to say I was very happy to receive it, and very impressed by his workmanship and the amount of time, effort and love that had gone into it  …so lovely to think that my baby boy had made this for lil’ ol’ me!  …definitely a proud and happy mummy moment! 😀

Staff, altar and storage/display cabinet on wall. (Click to enlarge)

The faux leather wrapped around the staff was at the perfect height, and he explained how the shape of that part of the branch felt just right to hold it by. He said the branch itself represented Earth as did the vine and flowers wrapped around it, and Water was also represented as plants need it to live. He wanted to put an amethyst crystal on the top, as he knew amethyst is probably my favourite, but he didn’t know how to attach a crystal to the staff without getting a lot more help from an older brother. I’ve already got a few ideas about how to securely attach a crystal so it’s something we can work on together if he wants to.

So now my beautiful new staff stands beside the end of my altar. A few days before Xmas I rearranged some items on the wall over the altar and added a cupboard to the wall to house my crystal collection and other bits and pieces.  As it turns out, this rearrangement perfectly suits the placement of the staff, which would have leaned against my Egyptian painting had it not already been moved …gotta love synchronicity. 😀


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