“Balance” (Click on image for a larger view)

Here’s another of my early sketches, showing I had “witchy” inclinations even way back then (1977 …long before I knew anything about Paganism). This one is all about  justice, balance (or lack of it), hardship and struggle, and the idea of time running out, both for personal issues and worldwide, ecological issues. The sketch has an overall “dark” doom and gloom feeling about it  with lots of hidden symbolism — kinda suits my mood at the moment. When seeing this drawing again I immediately thought of the Morrigan — she is a goddess of battle and justice and appears in the guise of a raven — I have a black feather to represent her on my altar.  Balance is something that is lacking in my life at the moment, and something I must somehow regain, before it’s too late.

The original drawing was done with ball-point pen and coloured pencils, on a piece of paper that was cut into an oval shape, with a black border blending into the colour. For the purpose of presenting it here I’ve extended the background to fit a rectangular frame and smoothed the blending of the colours a little.

I also thought it was appropriate to post this one after the Autumn Equinox — a time of balance of light and dark — as we head into the darkness of Samhain and Winter.


6 thoughts on “Balance

  1. wow, very witchy indeed!

    what was the meaning of the big red ‘tie’ in the middle, especially as it is attached to the raven like woman at the top?


    1. Hmmm… that’s a hard question to answer. The red tie was there partly just because I liked the look of it, but it also had a lot of other ideas all fused (or confused) together which are kinda hard to explain clearly. It was meant to show the interconnection of divinity or deity (the bird-woman) with the human world and it can also be seen as a leash whereby people can actually control or make use of “deity” or the “divine power” that is in the universe (I had weird ideas even then, LOL).

      The red tie also represents blood spilled in the name of religion (at that time I was very anti-Christianity, mum had just become a JW and family life was never the same again) and how that is intertwined with justice and especially injustice (scales out of balance). The fact that divinity was represented by something other than God or Jesus was just my way of saying that Christianity wasn’t, in my opinion, all it was supposed to be and that there was more “out there” than what we were being told by the church (or the JWs).

      The burning candle coming through the red ribbon has two opposite meanings. 1. It represents knowledge or enlightenment emerging to burn a hole in or cut short the flow of blood from religious wars, and blood from struggle and hardship in general. 2. It also represents imminent danger and a destructive force which will burn right through the ribbons which support, or are, the scales. Everything will then fly apart and life on Earth will be obliterated — Armageddon (or “the end times” as my mother keeps calling it). That idea ties in with ecological, overpopulation and pollution issues which also connects with the chains of people holding everything up. The bird-woman or universal “powers” will go on as if we never even existed.

      I had a lot of deep dark thoughts in those days, LOL — usually at around 2 or 3 in the morning when most of my best artworks were done. 😀


  2. You seemed to answer that just fine 😀

    That all makes sense and you can see most of it in the picture 🙂 (obviously not the bits about your mum though!)


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