Alien Saviour

This is another of my sketches from many eons ago. This one was done with ballpoint pen and felt pen on pink paper, in three separate panels. I watched and read a lot of sci-fi TV shows and books at the time so my artwork was heavily influenced by them.

This picture  shows a person from a “primitive” culture asking for help for their sick child from someone from a more technologically advanced culture from another planet/universe/whatever. As with most of my drawings it was a reflection of how I felt at the time — I wanted to be “saved” from the confusing places I found myself in emotionally, socially and intellectually. The idea of aliens from another planet appealed to me because that’s what I felt I was sometimes — life on this planet didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me when I was younger. A lot of things still don’t, but that’s another story, hehe. 😉 In the drawing a part of me is the alien offering help, and a part of me is the child needing help and also the parent asking for help.

The three panels represent the three worlds  — the home of the alien on the left, Earth on the right, and the middle is another dimension where the two overlap and nothing is quite what it seems. Notice the man with the child is standing on water (which merges with the alien landscape somewhere under the alien), the Sun is unnaturally close as are other planets, including Earth’s moon, and one planet has another emerging from within.

It still urks me to this day that when my mother (who’d been a Jehovah’s Witness for about 2 years at that time and was still in the “manic” proselytizing phase of her new found faith) saw this drawing she immediately thought it was demonic and the person was offering his child as a sacrifice to some evil false god. :::sigh::: I wonder what first impression others will have of this drawing?

“Alien Saviour” (Click to enlarge)


2 thoughts on “Alien Saviour

  1. I think it is amazing! You are so talented – I swear every time you share something new it stirs me to excitement. Of course, I am known for getting quite excited, but I found this to be very intriguing and the feelings/story behind it connects to my soul as well. When I look at it I think beauty and healing. If I were to look at it at the time I think I would have felt beauty and longing. I wish I could make planets like you! Such a wonderful piece!


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