To Wave a Magic Wand…

…you first need to acquire a wand. Magical tools don’t need to be expensive store-bought items, although there is a vast array of beautiful items for sale and I have certainly purchased my fair share of wonderful “shiny things”. 😉 Often though, our most treasured magical tools can be those we have made for ourselves. The wand shown below is one that I made at SOL’s 2007 Beltane weekend. (This short article also appeared in the November 2008 Axis Mundi.)

(Click image to enlarge slightly)

I searched the nearby bushland for a suitable stick to turn into a wand, found a couple and finally decided on one that had some holes in it. I then used a knife to whittle one end to a smooth point, and to smooth off jagged areas around the holes, and finished rubbing it back with sandpaper until the wood had a smooth, clean finish. I coated it with a dark stained lacquer and allowed it to dry. Then I selected some crystals and glued them into the holes (hot glue guns are wonderful inventions!) This is a very simple yet effective way of making your own wand and giving it that personal touch. This is one of my favourite magical tools and it is proudly displayed on my altar.


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