I haven’t been posting here very regularly, due to general chaos in my life, so I thought it was about time for another of my drawings …and what better than this rather chaotic scene.  One of my favourite mediums to work with was ball point pen, followed closely by textas and coloured pencils and this is another example of that.

This sketch represents confusion and uncertainty; all that is safe and familiar has been ripped apart, logic and intellect are at odds with pure animal instinct. You can probably read lots of things into it if you think about it, and I suppose each person’s interpretation will be different, and coloured by their own life experiences. It was also inspired in part by an old Godzilla movie.  😀

The symbolism also reflects a lot of what is going on in certain aspects of my life at the moment. My youngest son has started (mainstream) high school this year and because of his Aspergers Syndrome, ADD and slightly delayed reading ability he has been put in a smaller class of only 20 pupils (instead of the usual 30 or so), with a couple of teachers aides who although assigned to particular children,  are also available to help the others in the class as necessary. You might think this is a good thing, and in theory it is, but in reality it is pure chaos and it literally is a battle of logic and intellect against pure animal instinct. All of the kids in this class have “issues” of one sort or another, but some are quite feral in their behaviour, making conditions in the classroom extremely noisy, chaotic and NOT condusive to learning. Aspies are typically not very good at filtering out background noise and that is my son’s biggest problem in the classroom as it stops him from being able to concentrate on his work. He has good and bad days at school, the bad mostly that way because he is bullied mercilessly over any insignificant little difference the bullies happen to pick up on, or fabricate.  There’s only so much the school can do to address these problems, and sadly that is quite inadequate. Fortunately today was a good day for him and he came home happy and in a good mood. 🙂

Chaos is affecting other areas of my life, probably best not blogged about, but suffice to say that others in my circle of friends are aware of the chaos and some are perhaps being taken out of their comfort zones as a result of it.  😉


5 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. This week has certainly been exceptionally chaotic for us… still trying to see the positives in some of it, but damn it is hard….

    and there is more of this to come…


  2. I can completely relate to the drawing. Kind of describes the past couple of days I’ve had and about a million others. I hope you and your son both get some relief soon.


  3. Thanks Lori 🙂

    Things are looking a bit better for my son, thanks to a new head welfare teacher at his school – a younger man who the kids can actually relate to. The previous welfare teacher, (middle-aged woman, referred to “secretly” by everyone as Skeletor, LOL) was not well-liked and has transferred to another school. Hopefully my son will continue to feel confident about speaking with the new teacher (as he did for the very first time yesterday) so his problems at school can be dealt with more effectively.

    And of course if my kids are happy, so am I 😀 …well, mostly anyway.


  4. Hi J. I can understand somewhat how it feels. Bullies …don’t you wish that they would dry up and blow away. Jealousy, inadequate or just plain stupid – whatever it is it’s a pain in the a#$e. Your son will get over and forget it later but the bullies will get their’s. Just try and tell him to hold his head up and think strong. And you take care. lol and hugs.


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