Samhain Weekend: 1st -3rd May 2015 “Day of the Dead”

The theme for this year's Spheres Of Light Samhain Weekend on 1st - 3rd May 2015 is "Day of the Dead" (held in southern Sydney, Australia).


Festival of the Minds

Click here to see website 14th March - 15th March 2015 Liverpool Girl Guide Hall (Sydney, NSW Australia) Sponsored by the Pagan Awareness Network Australia Inc. with a discount for PAN members! Festival of the Minds is a celebration of wisdom, curiosity, and the search for knowledge within ourselves, our fascinating world and the mysteries... Continue Reading →

The world didn’t end & a new year begins

We're still here... Well, 21/12/12 has come and gone without any earth-shattering, end-of-world events ...or any "ascension" for that matter either least nothing that I've noticed. Then again, maybe I haven't noticed anything because I'm not "enlightened" enough? 😉 In case you've been hibernating in a remote cave (or somewhere equally distant from news... Continue Reading →


Occasionally certain events happen that inspire me to poetic expression.  Suffice to say I needed to write this and found the process to be quite therapeutic.

Sacrificial Ferns

When I'm drawn to write about events that have affected me deeply for one reason or another I always wonder if it's the appropriate thing to do or not. I guess writing to express one's feelings on a matter is fine and, as in this case, can be very therapeutic, but whether or not to... Continue Reading →

Autism Awareness: Pagan Perspectives

The fifth annual World Autism Awareness Day was on April 2, 2012 and was a prelude to April being Autism Awareness Month. I haven't written much recently that specifically relates to both Autism and Paganism together so I thought this month would be an appropriate time to try to rectify that. Life here at home... Continue Reading →

Halloween, Samhain & Beltane in Australia

The following blog is the result of a conversation on Facebook, which I thought was worthy of being repeated here, tweaked and expanded a little and with photos added of course. 😀 My Facebook status update: "Hmm... I'm having a hard time remembering that it's actually Beltane here. With a rumpus room decorated with scary... Continue Reading →

Spot the Difference

The latest Axis Mundi issue (July 2011) is now online, and it just happens to have an angelic theme ...hehe. 😉  (Click on the magazine image at the left to read it.) It's strange how things turn out sometimes, with lots of little synchronicities all pointing in the same direction (see my previous blog post... Continue Reading →

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