Autism, Paganism, Psychic Ability & the Paranormal ~ Updated

Introduction I wrote the original version of this article (based on some of my previous writings here, "tweaked" and improved a little, with some new content added) for the April 2009 Axis Mundi eNewsletter for "Autism Awareness Month", after which it also appeared in the May 2009 edition of The Cosmic Cauldron Newsletter (no longer published). … Continue reading Autism, Paganism, Psychic Ability & the Paranormal ~ Updated

SOuL Searchers Parapsychology Certificate Course

As I'm a member of SOuL Searchers Paranormal Investigation group (and the website manager) I'm putting this here to help get news of this brand new course "out there". There's more info about SOuL Searchers here on my blog or you can go straight to our website by clicking on the poster below. EDIT: 3/2/2012 … Continue reading SOuL Searchers Parapsychology Certificate Course

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a frightening form of paralysis that occurs when a person suddenly finds himself or herself unable to move for a few minutes, most often upon falling asleep or waking up. Physiologically, it is closely related to the normal paralysis that occurs during REM sleep, also known as REM atones. Sleep paralysis is … Continue reading Sleep Paralysis