Autism, Paganism, Psychic Ability & the Paranormal ~ Updated

Introduction I wrote the original version of this article (based on some of my previous writings here, "tweaked" and improved a little, with some new content added) for the April 2009 Axis Mundi eNewsletter for "Autism Awareness Month", after which it also appeared in the May 2009 edition of The Cosmic Cauldron Newsletter (no longer published). … Continue reading Autism, Paganism, Psychic Ability & the Paranormal ~ Updated

Autism Reality

I saw this video, called Autism Reality, on another blog -- LBnuke (thanks for sharing it Lori :-D) -- and I wanted to share it here too. Autism Reality is a 10 minute documentary film about autism by Alex Plank. The film features interviews with Dr. Temple Grandin, Alex himself, and a handful of others … Continue reading Autism Reality

Autism, Spirituality & Record Blog Stats!

When checking my blog stats I've often noticed that my most popular articles/pages are about autism and spirituality, specifically my article entitled Autism, Psychic Abilities, the Paranormal & Paganism …is there a connection?, as well as my page called Strengths & Advantages of being an Aspie! In the past my "busiest" day recorded 92 hits on … Continue reading Autism, Spirituality & Record Blog Stats!