The world didn’t end & a new year begins

We’re still here…

Well, 21/12/12 has come and gone without any earth-shattering, end-of-world events …or any “ascension” for that matter either …at least nothing that I’ve noticed. Then again, maybe I haven’t noticed anything because I’m not “enlightened” enough? 😉 In case you’ve been hibernating in a remote cave (or somewhere equally distant from news reports and Facebook) for the last little while and don’t know what I’m talking about you can read about the 2012 Phenomenon that some (or many) people expected to happen on the December Solstice in  2012.

A new year begins!

Last night my husband, myself and our youngest son went to the New Year’s Eve party held by Spheres Of Light / SOL (the Pagan group I’m a member of here in Sydney, Australia) and SOuL.S.P.I. (the paranormal investigations team originally started as a sub-group of SOL). The afternoon started with a BBQ in the picnic area at Stanwell Park Beach and was followed by a gathering around our bonfire on the beach.

A beautiful orange/red moon (only 3 days past full moon) arose from the ocean horizon and gradually ascended, changing from red to silver as she made her way higher, occasionally peeking through the patchy clouds before finally displaying her full radiant glory under the night sky. If only I had my camera with me! Oh well, hopefully I’ll get to see photos taken by friends on the night.

One of the SOuL.S.P.I. team members brought along a pair of LED poi, and my son had fun playing with those. Then a little later another SOuL.S.P.I. team member surprised us by producing a fire staff and proceeded to twirl that by the water’s edge — a very impressive sight! Some random stranger from another group of revelers nearby on the beach came running over and asked to have a turn with the fire staff. I think he just wanted to show off as he could spin the staff much faster, but he kept dropping it in the sand as a result (which could also have been due to the amount of alcohol consumed beforehand!). He eventually wandered back to his group but returned later with his own fire staff so for a while the two of them were being twirled, and admired by other people around us.

A few other members of our group tried their hand at fire twirling, including my son. As I said, I didn’t take my camera so unless any of my friends got photos the only one we have of him was taken by my husband on his rather old mobile phone, which is ok I guess, but not very spectacular. “Son4” had a lend of a woollen beanie to make sure his very long hair didn’t catch fire…

“Son4” fire twirling for the very first time

Welcoming the New Year…

Our evening was filled with much camaraderie and laughter, as well as a ritual to welcome in the new year. Close to midnight we called the quarters, assigning the elements  according to the geography of the local area: Water (the ocean) was to our South, Fire (moonlight) was in the East, Earth (a very large hill at the northernmost tip of the Illawarra Escarpment) was to the North and Air to the West. We called on the Goddess Isis and the God Ra. We had glow sticks and sparklers to play with, so we also used the sparklers to “write” our intentions for the new year in the air as part of our ritual and welcomed the new year with many more sparklers and drumming. Some of the other people on the beach let off fireworks at midnight and we could also see the Wollongong city fireworks display in the distance to the southwest. It was a magical night!

Not long after our ritual finished the gentle breeze became much stronger, to the point where some of us had to move to the other side of the fire to avoid the smoke and sparks that were now blowing across the beach. As often happens with our rituals, we notice a drastic change in the weather shortly after our rituals have ended, as if there has been a clear window of opportunity created especially for us! Some of the groups of people nearby had begun to pack up and disperse so the beach was no longer so crowded. My husband, son and I decided it was time we headed home, along with a few others from our group. We said our goodbyes to everyone, including those in our party who had brought small tents and/or sleeping bags in which to sleep on the beach for the night, then headed back to the car park for the drive home.

This morning I wondered how those who stayed overnight had fared — hoping of course that they’d slept well clear of the high tide mark and hadn’t been carried out to sea in their sleep, LOL. 😉 — but after checking Facebook later this morning I was reassured that they were all safe and well and had thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Through the doorway…

I know I began this post with a rather skeptical view of the 2012 December Solstice “Apocalypse” and even of the view that it was a time of Ascension to a higher level of being, but perhaps the 21/12/12 date was a doorway of sorts, as is the beginning of the new calendar year in the minds of many people. The New Year as marked by our modern day calendar is simply a point in our measurement in time, totally unrelated to any cosmic event (apart from celebrating the return of the sun to a point close to where it was in its orbit one year ago) yet people put so much of their energy into celebrating it and believing it will be some magical turning point in their lives and a chance for a fresh beginning. It’s the intent that counts. 🙂

The real test is once through the doorway and how we move forward in the new us, beyond the illusion and fear, 2013 is going to be very important as we implement the new in our own lives and for humanity. ~ Soluntra King

So, whatever you believe (or not)…



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