Angelic Synchronicity

Facebook is often a source of contention and unrest due to the “status updates” people post and the subsequent string of comments by others keen to express their views about those updates. This past week has seen a barrage of emotionally charged sentiments expressed on some people’s FB pages which have also resulted in people being “unfriended” and “blocked” over what could be seen in some cases as misperceptions, miscommunications and misunderstandings on both sides. Still, there’s nothing new about that …misinterpretation of the written word is par for the course on the internet due to the obvious lack of facial expression, tone of voice, body language etc which all go together to complete our communication experience. The speed and frequency at which comments are posted also contributes to the drama, with some people taking little, if any, time to stop and think about what the other person really meant. Most of us have a tendency to “read between the lines” and, based on our mood at the time, we often see supposed meaning and intent behind a message that was never actually intended by the author. With our mood now coloured by what we think we have read, we respond (or react), sometimes inappropriately …and so the snowball rolls on, gathering momentum and steadily growing as more and more people add their two cents worth, while others drop out along the way, disillusioned and licking their wounds.

Paganism, white light and angels?

One such topic which caused some dissension, was what many people saw as a rather negative comment about “whitelighters” and angels, where the author expressed the view that they would rather not work with angels — a valid opinion of course, although perhaps it was the way in which it was worded that invited the type of responses that followed. The ensuing discussion was a mixture of intelligent debate, personal affront, interjections of “facts” and defensive justifications of personal viewpoints etc …all of the usual stuff but with much more intensity than I’ve seen in a while …quite entertaining actually.

Lindberg Heilige Schutzengel (Lindberg Holy Guardian Angels) ~ My grandmother had a print of this painting and as a child I was fascinated by it, even though I also found it somewhat disturbing.

Do unto others…

Interestingly this FB discussion was followed 2 days later by another equally inflammatory status update by the same author about a related topic (Pagans, Christians and lack of respect) that has inspired over 300 passionate responses (almost double the number of comments on the first statement about “whitelighters” and angels) including a few comments which one person described as diatribe and which were quite divisive (depending on your point of view of course).

Lindberg Heilige Schutzengel (Lindberg Holy Guardian Angels) ~ My grandmother also had a print of this one. As a child I found it even more unsettling than the rickety bridge painting. The reprint below shows more of the cliff. Unfortunately I couldn't find the brighter version in a larger size. Lindberg may be the publisher, not the original artist of these paintings, c.1890
This view shows the cliff edge.

Although it is tempting, I’m not going to discuss on my blog who I thought was right, wrong, insensitive, or ‘politically incorrect’ etc (and besides, my ideas might not be what some, who were privy to these FB discussions, might expect and that could open a whole new can-o-worms!) 😉 In general though, I believe in respecting other peoples’ right to their religious or spiritual beliefs even if I don’t personally agree with them, with the proviso of course that they don’t cause harm to anyone or actively try to incite hatred, bigotry and violence towards others. Basically, whatever floats your boat is fine with me, and it’s also nice when I’m given that same respect in return. 😀

It’s all about the timing

The thing I find interesting is the timing of these FB discussions, especially in regard to some other things happening in my life at the moment and also in light of some interpretations of astrological information I’ve read recently.

I occasionally check in on Ravenesque Tarot (which I added to my links menu some time ago – see section 6 in menu at the right). The author’s post on the full moon (written on July 8th in the “Lunations” section of her blog) is very enlightening and explains a lot about the way many people have been behaving lately (both on and off Facebook). Here’s some information from it…

Capricorn Full Moon ~ 15th July 2011

It is the first Full Moon free of eclipse intensity in over six weeks, and you feel as if you’re standing waist deep in a murky lake of sludge, looking for the quickest way to dry, clean land. This eclipse season brought a lot of toxic waste to the surface and now it is up to your sensibilities to decipher the best way to navigate the obstacles and clean off any residual mess.

Looking towards the Full Moon in Capricorn there is a complex situation where compromise is difficult to find. In this instance, the South Node relates to information and communications with difficult others, who have no intention of seeing your side of the situation. The quincunx aspect is unnerving as the solution to tensions is often illusive. In this instance, with Saturn’s hold on the Moon and your emotions, you are to deal with situations as they arise with confidence and calm authority. Be in command of your emotions and avoid the surface impulse to change course or dabble in petty quarrels of insignificance.

Read the whole article at

The two entries in the “Daily Oracle” section on the Ravenesque Tarot blog for the relevant dates were amusingly accurate too; one on the 5th July, called “Winged Wise Ones” which spoke of angels (only a day before the FB discussion about angels etc)…

“The energy of miracles and angels is with you today, so expect the unexpected.”

…and the other for the 6th (the day of the angel FB discussion) called “Passion Ignited”…

With the Moon in Virgo, square Mars in Gemini, there is the predisposition of speaking without much thought. With the Moon also in quincunx to Black Moon Lilith and Pallas, the mood in general is prone to critical comment. Do keep a firm handle on the tendency to criticise here. As the Moon and Sun swing into sextile, the addition of ‘ego’ into this mix can really cause a negative clash of opinion and a regrettable outcome when the issues on the table are emotionally sensitive.”

…and then of course there’s the entry for 8th July, the day of the second related  “interesting” if somewhat divisive FB discussion…

“Ego and pride will dictate here, on just how intense any conflicts will be and how long they will last. With the Sun and the Moon still in square, the potential for ‘drama’ can increase, thanks to a trine between Vesta and the Libra Moon.”

Hee hee …gotta love astrology and oracles. It’s all very “Twilight Zone“. 😀

The other thing that I consider to be a bit of “angelic synchronicity” involves a ritual that was to be done at a SOL full moon circle back in April, but which had to be postponed as the person presenting the ritual was unable to get to circle that night because her car broke down on the way there. Perhaps it wasn’t the “right” night for the ritual to go ahead. This ritual just happens to involve certain elements of Kabbalah (and therefore angels) and, as arranged a couple of months ago, this ritual will be conducted at SOL’s next full moon circle in only 3 days’ time on Friday 15th. 🙂

Kabbalah, Archangels and Paganism?

Guido Reni's archangel Michael (in the Capuchin church of Santa Maria della Concezione, Rome, 1636) tramples Satan. A mosaic of the same painting decorates St. Michael's Altar within St. Peter's Basilica.

For those of you who might be wondering, yes, some Pagans do use aspects of Kabbalah and invoke archangels in their rituals, eg. in Ceremonial Magic and related practices. SOL is an association of individuals from a variety of Pagan paths so the types of rituals, which are conducted each month by different members of the group in accordance with their particular flavour of Paganism, tend to be quite diverse.

What next?    

Hmm… with ‘discussions’ about angels on FB preceded by an oracular mention of angel energy, a ritual involving angels this week, which of course will be written about in the usual Axis Mundi full moon report, it makes one wonder if ‘something’ is brewing in the aether. It will be interesting to see what unfolds on Friday night as we often have very interesting meditation experiences during SOL’s rituals.

As a result of the FB discussion/debate/argument I even felt inspired to do some reading about angels and I plan to write my own little blog post about the history and origin of angels and angel-like beings in different cultures (yes, I know, there’s already stuff out there but I wanna do my own anyway) but that will have to wait a while. There seem to be a lot of different opinions about the nature of angels …some quite ‘dark’ and others quite ‘fluffy’. I think it will be an interesting journey.


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