Crone and Sage

Crone and SageI’ve just created yet another subdomain for Spheres Of Light (the fun never stops, hehe) this time a blog called Crone and Sage. 😀

“Crone and Sage” was born as a result of online discussions about Janine Donnellan’s article The Invisible Generation – Pagan Elders, which was first published in the February 2011 Axis Mundi. Janine subsequently put forward the idea that perhaps a project could be started where the stories of elder Pagans (and Pagan Elders) could be collected and published online. This suggestion was met with enthusiasm by many people, which led to the creation of the Crone and Sage website/blog.

Click on the image below to go and have a look and see what it’s all about…

Crone and Sage

Edit: 2/3/2011 Crone and Sage now has a Facebook page. 😀

Edit: 2014 – I’ve removed the links as this website was removed in early 2014 due to lack of interest from all the supposedly “interested” people who wanted it in the first place.


2 thoughts on “Crone and Sage

    1. Hi Suzanne, thanks …and sorry I haven’t replied until now. I’ve been dealing with a few health problems, plus 2nd son smashed his car on 11th (he’s ok thank goodness!). I had seen the article but didn’t read all the way through it at the time (too distracted with personal stuff) so I missed the date you mentioned. Just had a look at their site and ‘breathed’ through my chakras. I’ll try to remember the next Equinox breathing date. 🙂


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