Welcome to The Other Side - my little corner of cyberspace where I write about my experiences and thoughts on Witchcraft, Pagan Spirituality, the Paranormal, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and sometimes the interconnectedness of these topics, as well as my day-to-day family stuff here in Sydney, Australia.

History of Autism …in a nutshell

I found this video on another blog (thanks Angel :-)) and thought it was worth sharing here too. Autism is a "way of being" that has been around far longer than medical science has known anything about it. There has been speculation that many historical figures may have had autism or other ASDs, as outlined … Continue reading History of Autism …in a nutshell

The Gateway

Another of my artworks from long ago... I always had the feeling I was from somewhere else, that this planet was not my true home, and I longed to go back "home" ...wherever that was. "The Gateway" (click to enlarge) On an intellectual level I didn't really believe I was an alien from another planet … Continue reading The Gateway

Different …it’s not so bad

In my previous blog I briefly referred to the idea of "being different" and whether or not it was considered acceptable to be so. That reminded me of a video which I discovered recently -- the link was posted on one of the autism forums/e-groups I'm a member of. The film clip is from  a … Continue reading Different …it’s not so bad

Colours of the Week

Ever since I was a child I've seen the days of the weeks as colours in my mind. I see them as if they are a strip of printed titles at the top of a calendar page, seen at a slight angle and floating in a dark brown/black void with the names repeating and disappearing … Continue reading Colours of the Week

Aspergers, Synchronicity and Higher Purpose?

Daylight savings has started this weekend, and as usual when this happens I feel somewhat disoriented, unmotivated and lethargic. The fact that the time on the clock no longer matches the “expected” level of sunlight or the “feeling” of the day takes a bit of getting used to.  I’ve been stuffing around on the internet … Continue reading Aspergers, Synchronicity and Higher Purpose?