Inner Realm of Ynys Witrin

From its inception Spheres Of Light has had a strong connection to the mysteries of Avalon. Our Dark Moon Circle is known as the Inner Realm of Ynys Witrin. Ynys Witrin was the ancient Celtic name for the Tor at Glastonbury, it means the ‘Isle of Glass’ or the ‘Isle of Seeing’ and legend has it that it was the entrance to the Otherworlds. This Isle of Seeing also acts as a mirror, which enables seekers to look deep within their soul, and see their true reflection.

The Dark Moon circle consists of a group of dedicated seekers from Spheres Of Light who are embarking upon a journey of discovery to know themselves and to experience new realities. The Dark Moon circle is held during the dark moon of each month which is a time when one can walk between the worlds, a time when one can face their shadow to find their hidden potential.

The focus of our activities is on integrating and adapting ancient teachings and shamanic techniques into our own perspective of evolutionary Witchcraft. Each member brings to this Circle their own unique skills, knowledge and qualities, which helps to make the experience of the Circle a valuable resource of learning. It is the core Circle where we develop our Group Mind by working strongly and regularly together. The development of the Group Mind takes a lot of time, hard work and practice to achieve, thus dedication and regular attendance is critical to the Circle’s long term spiritual growth and development.

The Shaman’s Journey

Each member of the Dark Moon Circle embarks on the “Shaman’s Journey”. This is a journey where we learn to face our shadow self and in the process find healing for ourselves. We learn to connect to our ancestors and underworld guides and we incorporate various shamanic techniques to assist us to bring about change in our lives and also to add power to our rituals. The Shaman’s Journey is a program that assists us to connect and live in harmony with nature and with the seasons and cycles of life.


Membership to the Inner Realm of Ynys Witrin is by invitation only. To become a member of the Dark Moon Group you will be required to:

  • regularly attend full moon circles for at least 12 months
  • demonstrate a high level of commitment and dedication to the circle’s activities
  • ensure that you are able to fit in with the existing members of the Dark Moon group

Once your membership has been accepted you will be required to:

  • regularly attend full moon circles and dark moon circles (attendance of dark moon circles only is not an option)
  • eventually write and host at least one of the open full moon circles or sabbat rituals each year

(The website for the Inner Realm of Ynys Witrin is private, for members only and requires a username and password to gain access.)