Auric Bleeding and Maintenance By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

The Human Physiology, Genetics, and Energetic System


The effect of opposing energy fields such as alternating currents and microwaves creating ‘reverse bio-polarity,’ causing auric micro-fracture layers and auric bleeding is briefly discussed. Many other factors that generate ‘short circuitry’ and the consequent auric bleeding are pin-pointed. While the discussion of such issues as long-distance air travel, overstay in power nodes, emotional stress resulting from negative attitudes, ego imbalance, and interpersonal conflict are postponed to publication in companion papers, recommendations are made as to avoid auric bleeding via proper energetic maintenance. The use of combination of gems and noble metals for shielding the aura and preventing auric bleeding is briefly discussed.


  • Most humans do not as yet recognize the priority relevance that the upkeep of the human electromagnetic field necessitates.
  • Most erroneously consider it to be an auto-regulated energy field that self-adjusts.auric bleeding 2
  • Many who accept the existence of the Human Electromagnetic Field understand little about how to…

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