Pretty ‘Shiny Things’ in the Shire …and beyond

I’ve been very busy adding more entries to the National Pagan Directory …groups, shops, health care practitioners and celebrants, and that’s just in the last few days. I’ve made lots of pretty advertising banners for the Pagan Ritual Supplies page in the Businesses & Services section, and as there are many of my favourite shops featured there I thought I’d show off some of the banners here as well. 😀 Continue reading “Pretty ‘Shiny Things’ in the Shire …and beyond”

Amethyst Landscapes

I’ve always wanted a decent sized amethyst cathedral geode so I bought one online for my birthday from then waited impatiently for it to arrive, which it did today, only 9 days after I ordered it. It was very well packed in newspaper and bubble-wrap, cradled in a sea of foam chips inside a cardboard box which was in turn encased in more foam chips inside another box so it would survive its journey from the UK. (Click on my photos to enlarge them.) Continue reading “Amethyst Landscapes”