Ironfest 2014

Ironfest 2014 was on Friday 25 to Sunday 27 April — 3 days instead of the usual 2 due to the Anzac Day public holiday. Son2 and Son4 (they don’t want me using their names on my blog) are now part of a new re-enactment group called Einherjar which made its public debut at Ironfest this year. They also took part in Sutherland Medieval Regiment (SMR) show fights at Ironfest though Einherjar is now their primary focus for medieval fighting plus learning and showcasing other medieval crafts and general “lifestyle” (whereas SMR is purely a combat group and not into the artsy crafty stuff).

EinherjarClick image above to see Einherjar’s original website

(Update 2016: The website above is not accessible on most mobile devices, so I offered to make a new website for the group. They agreed to this and the new site went online in July 2016 — see below.)

FB50Einherjar on Facebook

Here’s a couple of videos I put together on the Saturday (filmed by Son3 and me). Unfortunately we didn’t arrive in time to get a good position to film Einherjar in the morning fights but I did get the SMR show fight later in the morning and the Grand Melee at the end of the day. (Son2 is the Viking with the green and white shield, Son4 is a black Hospitaller knight with plate armour.)

Here’s an excellent video produced by Cliff Dorian which also shows my boys in a number of fights, including the morning fights which I missed. Son4’s “most epic scene” with his tabard flowing majestically in the wind starts at 6:06 (right after he was “killed” in the previous fight, lol) which is also the screenshot for this video — thanks Cliff! 😀

A few weeks later we were pleasantly surprised when we found some great photos of Son4 (which he doesn’t remember being taken at the time) by “trisharooni” and displayed on the Ironfest Flickr group. Click on the images below to see the originals on Flickr…

Brendan1a-by-trisharooni  Brendan2a-by-trisharooni  Brendan3a-by-trisharooni

The gallery below has a few photos I took of the 2 morning battle re-enactments on the 26th that I did get to see, along with some photos of the various bits and pieces I made or helped to make during the week preceding Ironfest. By the time Ironfest came around I was sooooooo sick of sewing! I got one linen Viking dress made (Son2 & GF found the pattern, drew it and cut it out), one Viking apron dress made, though the apron was not “historically accurate” as the woollen fabric Son2’s GF bought was too thick and not suitable so due to last minute desperation I used a dark blue poly/cotton bed sheet for the fabric instead. It looked good though and would have to do for Ironfest — a “proper” apron dress or hängerock could always be made later. I also made 2 matching Viking woollen hats, trimmed with hare fur. Not a bad effort, considering that I didn’t know until only a few days before Ironfest that I was going to be doing any sewing at all! Son2 did almost all the sewing on his tent, except for some of the straps for tying it closed and onto the frame. I made the majority of those and was busy sewing them 2 days before Ironfest while he was at work. It all had to be finished by the next night and packed into his car ready to set out for Lithgow early on the Friday morning, but we managed to get it all done. I am so glad I’ve got 2 working sewing machines!!

Click on the first one to enlarge and scroll through the collection…

There are more photos in my Facebook albums (but you’ll have to be signed into Facebook to be able to see them, even though the viewing permission is set to public):

Einherjar with Uppsala & Vanguard

Ironfest 2014 – Grand Melee 26th April

Ironfest 2014 – Sutherland Medieval Regiment


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