SMR at Lugarno Lions Club Spring Festival 2013

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For more information about the festival please go to:

The Next Day…

Well, I can certainly say that a good day was had by all! 😀 Son2 and Son4 drove off to the festival early in the morning with all their equipment and the regiment’s 2 marquees that needed to be set up bright and early to be the group’s base camp for the day. Husband and I arrived around 11:15am – just in time to see the regiment’s morning combat show. Husband took videos using Son2’s good camera and tripod and I hand-held my trusty little camera of substantially lesser quality to also take videos. Husband wasn’t used to taking videos so he had a bit of trouble adjusting to the idea that he could only watch the action through the viewfinder while he was filming, hence there are some annoying scenes where you want to yell at the cameraman to hurry up and pan faster and occasionally zoom in or out …oh well, it was a learning experience. Unfortunately the “good” camera overheated (it was a hot day for a black-bodied camera in bright sun) and it suddenly shut off right at the beginning of the first King and Queen’s Melee! As I was also filming I didn’t think this would matter much as we could just use my footage instead. After a bit of a break Son2’s camera was good to go again.

The morning combat show went well, and afterwards we wandered the festival grounds and looked at other displays and the many stalls selling all manner of interesting goods. Then when the afternoon combat session began I decided to film that also, using my little camera. Son2’s camera was packed away at this stage. Naturally things had to go wrong then also – my memory card was full! Damn! …hadn’t even thought of that so didn’t have a spare memory card …oh well, another learning experience.

I spent a big part of today mucking about with iMovies, trying to work out how to use it, and eventually I managed to make a quite decent compilation of all the individual fights from the morning session. Son2 had a look at it tonight and was quite impressed. But, of course, disaster struck again. I somehow stuffed things up in a major way in my efforts to work out how to upload it to YouTube and managed to lose my whole movie. So, at 10pm, feeling extremely annoyed and frustrated, I started making the movie from scratch again. It’s now 1:00AM and I’m still waiting for the movie to finish uploading to YouTube …yes I eventually worked out how to do it, and of course it’s really simple. But I’m annoyed because one scene transition in particular is not as smooth in this version as it was in the first. I should have fixed it before uploading, but I was tired and not thinking straight, so now I’ll just have to deal with my frustration at its imperfection and simply get over my own perfectionist, anal retentive tendencies! Anyway, when it’s finally finished uploading (hopefully by around 1:30AM) I’ll embed it here for all to enjoy. 😀

2 days later …not so simple!

OMG I hate Google+ and all the confusion with Google+ pages and linked YouTube accounts!!!  Uploading to YouTube has totally changed since the last time I uploaded a video. My video finally finished uploading around 1:30AM as expected, but where it went I will never know! It got lost somewhere in cyberspace as YouTube wouldn’t let me sign in with my username — had to use an email instead — then I discovered the gmail account I’d signed in with and had for ages (which was linked to my original YouTube channel) needed a YouTube channel of its own. So after much tail chasing I ended up with 3 Google+ pages I didn’t want and 2 extra channels I also didn’t want! Aaaaaaaargh!!!! Still trying to figure it out this morning and managed to successfully delete some of the excess pages and channels. I decided to set up a new YouTube channel (with the same gmail account) and export the video out of the iMovie project folder using Quicktime and then upload directly from the correct YouTube channel, instead of using the iMovie direct upload to YouTube function which sent my video off into cyberspace in the wee hours of this morning. Not that anyone else would really be interested in all this rambling, but I figured if I write it here maybe I can refer back to it the next time I upload a video, just so I know what to do and more importantly, what not to do …another “learning experience”. ::::groan::::

So, finally! …here is the video of the morning combat demo! 😀

By the way, the loud beeping heard in some sections of the video (usually when my boys are fighting, lol) is the warning beeper of the Lions Club passenger “train” that was taking people for rides around the festival grounds.

And here is a much shorter video of all the afternoon battles I filmed before my memory card filled up.

Here’s a few still shots taken on the day…


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