Mudfest, Swampfest …aka Winterfest 2013

My two medieval warriors (see image above) headed off last Saturday to Winterfest along with other members of the Sutherland Medieval Regiment for 2 days of combat. Unfortunately the weather this year was rather wet, making for some very messy conditions on the battlefield. They had originally planned to camp there overnight but due to the conditions, and as it was only a 1 hour drive home, my sons decided to head home for the evening to sleep in dry comfy beds and return early Sunday morning.

They arrived home late Saturday night very tired, soaked through and covered in mud, with another member of their group who was not fussed with the idea of a very uncomfortable and probably sleepless night in a muddied tent in the cold rainy conditions, so I made up the spare bed in the guest room for her. I decided to wash and dry the worst affected clothes for all 3 and after the exhausted warriors retired for the evening I stayed up into the wee hours to finish drying clothes and wiping as clean as possible the items which couldn’t be washed properly and drying them in front of 2 small blower heaters and 3 fans to keep a breeze blowing through the stuff (which was draped over wooden chairs, stair railings and our gym/exercise machines) to get it all dry enough to wear comfortably. They were all ecstatic to have warm dry gambesons, tabards, trousers, cloaks, socks and boots to put on Sunday morning, lol.

Anyway, on to more exciting stuff than washing muddy clothes …the process of getting them muddy in the first place! 😀

Sutherland Medieval Regiment – Winterfest June 29, 2013

Here’s the opening fight on Saturday for SMR at Winterfest featuring Son2 (Viking) vs Son4 (Hospitaller Knight). No love lost between brothers, hehe. (Video taken by another SMR member using Son2’s camera and uploaded to Facebook by me, but as it’s on Facebook instead of Youtube or Google Video I can’t embed it here as WordPress doesn’t allow JavaScript from other sources 😦 so just click on the screenshot to go to FB to see it).

FB-vidClick image to view video

The fight above, filmed from a different angle, also features in the first part of the video below, uploaded to Youtube by Cliff Dorian.

Here’s another excellent video uploaded to Youtube by “Bayagul”.

There are a lot of photos online so I’ve only selected the ones that show my boys, either waiting on the sidelines or in combat. Individual photographer’s names are in the file name of each photo and links to sources are shown below. Click on the first image to enlarge it then you can easily scroll through the whole gallery using the arrows that will appear right and left of each photo.

Photos from:
Wulf Black
Mel Zids
Cliff Dorian
Cathi Humphrey-Hood

Swampfest, the Aftermath!

…soooooooooo much MUD!!!!!! So much washing …still got another lot to do tomorrow. Muddy clothes, wet tents, wet chairs plus 2 soaked marquees that all needed to be dried. The Hills Hoist, pool fence and anything else that could have wet stuff draped over it certainly got a workout this morning. The drying of the marquees was supposed to be Son4’s job as he was home on school holidays and Son2 had to go to work, but he didn’t really have a clue or wasn’t interested or both so I ended up doing the job for him, just to make sure it was done properly as it’s all SMR’s property …we ended up with it because Son2 had the only vehicle capable of carrying all the bulky equipment for the regiment. There were also shields and swords etc to clean, dry and repair so I set Son4 to those tasks instead. Slowly getting there. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the bright sun today!!!!!!

1-byJenwytchSon4 being a dutiful brother, hosing the mud off Son2’s goat skin cape.

2-byJenwytch10 wall panels and assorted bags’n’bits from the 2 marquees all neatly hung out to dry by moi.

3-byJenwytchThe 2 marquee canopies plus carry bags (one frame was broken so we had to hang one canopy on the pool fence).


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