Over the years we’ve accumulated quite a few fluffy toys; some from my childhood, some from when I was a young adult and liked to collect cute fluffies, some that were bought for my boys and others that came from arcade games and “skill-tester” games machines. The collection had grown ridiculously large and of course no-one has played with any of them for quite some years now, so, after many years of intending to sort through them and discard most of them, we’ve finally done it!

Trouble is, I couldn’t bring myself to just leave them out on our “council cleanup” pile like so many other people do. [For those who don’t know what this is: designated sections of the local area are systematically scheduled for twice yearly cleanup days where we leave out rubbish (not general household garbage or recycling) and unwanted furniture or broken stuff neatly stacked near the kerb at the front of our houses and our local council sends out crews to each area to collect and compact the junk.] Of course I know toys don’t have souls, intelligence or real personalities. “Toy Story” is just what it says — a story, right? Even so, I can’t help feeling sad for fluffy toys when they’re left out on the street in junk piles, looking so forlorn and unloved. I know… I’m nuts :::sigh:::

After the boys and I had decided which were keepers and which ones were going we offered them to other friends but no-one wanted them. 😦 So, I put them into some large plastic bags and put them all in the collection bin outside the local St. Vincent de Paul Society …I wanted to give them one last chance of being re-homed and loved again.  If Vinnies doesn’t want them at least I know they’ll have each other for support in their final moments as they’re tipped into an industrial shredder and turned into fabric waste to eventually become cloth/felt cleaning rags for sale. 😦

While driving back home after dumping the toys I passed a cuddly, sad-looking little giraffe sitting silently on the cold earth beside a pile of broken furniture by the kerb, patiently awaiting his fate. I felt soooooo bad for him and all the other abandoned toys! I also felt guilty that I’d forgotten to even photograph our once loved fluffies …too late now. When I got home I considered writing a blog but didn’t feel quite in the right mood for it, so instead I sat dejectedly at my laptop and randomly clicked on one of the links in my blogroll, and then another link on that blog which, purely by chance, led to this …another TZM (twilight zone moment) …so strange that I should randomly come across a blog in which the author muses about toys and psychic impressions which also features a photo of an inanimate object (steam engine) with the plea, “Please don’t let me die” and a sad face painted on it. There is no such thing as coincidence.


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