A Dog’s Blog …by Shelby

A Dog's Blog ...by ShelbyMy dog Shelby now has his very own blog where he will be writing about his exploits around the backyard and showing off lots of photos. He’s allowing me to be a guest writer there too so some of the articles are written by me, about him or other dog-related stuff. At the moment there’s not a lot there but that will change in the near future …once I’ve finished the business paperwork I should be doing now instead of writing this. You see, he needs help from me to write his blog. He usually dictates and I type for him …having stumpy toes on his paws instead of fingers and not having opposable digits makes typing very difficult for him, and of course any speech recognition programs have trouble deciphering his barking, so it’s up to me, his ‘Mum’, to get his words out there. 😀

Anyway, just click on the image below to have a look at his new blog…

A Dog's Blog ...by Shelby


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