Why don’t I listen to my ‘psychic’ hunches??? Today, for the first time in aaaaaaages, I decided I’d enjoy a couple of glasses of wine with my lunch, while watching “Days of Our Lives”. Yes, I know, some of you might think alcohol would be necessary to be able to sit through an episode of that stupid show, lol. 😀 Anyway, while pouring the first glass I said to ‘Son 3’ (now home from uni), “If we get a phone call from ‘B’ or the school, you’re it, as I won’t be able to drive.” He laughed, and said something like, “Yeah right, that’s not gonna happen. Why would it anyway?” I had a sense of ‘foreboding’ and inner ‘knowing’ but promptly ignored it and enjoyed two glasses of Two Little Ducks, Classic Dry White with lunch while watching one of my favourite ‘soaps’.

A few minutes after I’d finished the second glass the phone rang, and guess what? It was ‘B’ (Son 4) asking for me to pick him up as the school bus had ‘blown up’ on the way home. Son 3 bitched and carried on but finally agreed to go get his brother and went to put on his shoes and get his wallet and keys etc. Meanwhile, another bus had eventually arrived so ‘B’ phoned back and told me, just in time to stop Son 3 from driving away.

From ‘B’s’ description of the trail of steaming green liquid on the road and the back end of the bus exploding with a huge bang and filling the bus with smoke it sounds like the radiator was leaking and overheated. This scared the crap outta all the kids on board and caused the driver to quickly pull over, to get everybody off and find out what was wrong. Fortunately no-one was hurt.

Oh well, at least I got to enjoy my wine before all this happened, and as it turned out, nobody needed to drive anywhere anyway. But I am annoyed that even though I ‘knew’ something would happen, I ignored that warning.


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