‘Tis done! …for now

Well, I’ve spent another enjoyably lazy afternoon mucking around with my blog, creating  new images or tweaking old ones to illustrate the various sections this blog is now divided into. I think it’s actually finished (well, until I change my mind and get some other brilliant idea of how to fine tune all the decorations and pretties I’ve created).





Um, I have to admit, I didn’t exactly do anything with the veggies photo, but it completes the set, lol.

There’s a couple more sections in the top menu that don’t have images at the top of the page — About and Art — but they didn’t really need anything extra. Some of the pages in the top menu also have sub-pages so please don’t miss those if you’re looking for specific info here. In any case I’ve added links on the main pages to the sub-pages so hopefully everything can be easily found.

Anyway, click on any of the little images above and see where they take you. 😀


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