Change is definitely in the air. For quite a while now I’ve been wondering if I should register a domain name and create my own website. Trouble is my ideas keep changing about what name to choose, what the focus of the website would be, what purpose it would serve, why do I want to do it etc etc etc.

I like my blogs but I’m sort of getting bored with their appearance and want more control over how things look. Instead of creating a new website perhaps I should continue with my blogs here on WordPress but pay to have a custom CSS (at least for this main blog) so I can get more creative with the appearance of the template I’m using. Perhaps I could also reorganize this blog to more effectively incorporate the other blogs more as sub-sections of this one …it would kinda work ok …I think?

Or, maybe I should create my own website and use it as a portal to my various blogs — kinda like what I’m doing a bit now with this main blog anyway — and eventually incorporate my favourite inane ramblings, and other stuff, as web pages on the new site …or something like that. But what, really, is the point of doing all that? …especially when at the moment I can’t even settle on a domain name I’d be happy with that’s not already taken.

Oh, I don’t know! I guess I’m just feeling unsettled and restless. Recently I had a brief aura reading done at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Sydney which confirmed what I’d already been feeling for quite some time. The reader told me that she felt I was very creative but I should be doing more creative things for myself rather than for other people. Well, that was certainly spot on! Although I enjoy the creative side of being Website Manager for Spheres Of Light, the websites are not really mine. For the moment anyway, doing website stuff is one way I want to express my creativity (which is why I keep starting blogs I s’pose) so maybe I would be happier with my own little (paid for, self-hosted) patch of cyberspace (rather than just my free blogs here on WordPress). The planned changes for Axis Mundi (SOL’s emagazine) will mean that I won’t be hand coding each edition anymore as Janine will be taking over its production as a pdf document (as well as the new SOuL Searchers Paranormal Magazine) so that will leave me with more time to do my own thing, website-wise. 😀

Hmm… decisions, decisions!


2 thoughts on “Changes?

  1. Well luckily it sounds like you have no shortage of great ideas for your blogs, I just started my own and spent FOREVER trying to pick a domain name, still don’t think I got it quite right ;o).
    The control freak in me can’t help but recommend signing up for your own web hosting and domain, so much more freedom with all the plugins and stuff.

    But I’m gonna quit yapping now and go check out more of your stuff, probably should grab your RSS feed while I’m here too.

    Blessed Be.


    1. Thanks 😀 …perhaps one day when I can think of the perfect domain name I’ll go for a self hosted site …the limitations here on do get a bit annoying at times, but it’ll have to do for now. Love the look of your site …very nice! 🙂


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