Mothers’ Day Musings

My clever husband bought a Mothers’ Day card for the boys to all sign, but wrote a sneaky message on the *back* of the card before they signed it, which all 4 sons missed until I pointed it out to them when they gave me the card this morning. Their reaction was priceless! 😀 The message said…

We, who have signed on the reverse side of this sheet, agree to clean our rooms by 10pm on 8th May 2011. This document is an irrevocable contract between ourselves and our mother. Failure to comply and complete this contract will result in severe damages being applied, both financial and physical!

Hee hee! Youngest has just looked at the clock and realised there’s only 7 hours left until the deadline. 🙂

Yes, I got a beautiful bunch of roses …and a box a chocolates (YUM!). And I guess you can include the new clothes dryer I got last weekend as a Mothers’ Day present as well. 🙂

I love roses!

I’ve been having an extremely lazy day, not doing all the housework that needs to be done, and just mucking around on Facebook, taking a few photos to add here, eating chocolates and blogging. Son 3’s girlfriend gave me a nice bottle of wine which I will open a bit later today …maybe sit and enjoy the sunset with a glass (or two) of wine and eating the last of my chocolates (if there’s any left by then).

Until then, here’s a few more photos of roses (photographed in front of my very sunny “crazy window” in the kitchen) and the bits and pieces on and around my very special window (go here for an explanation of why my window is “crazy”). Click on the images to look through the gallery.

I couldn’t resist just one more photo of the roses …this time a view from the top of the bunch…

Edit: 12/05/2011 ~ I just happened to look at this post on another computer today and realised my beautiful rose photographs that I’d referred to in the blog weren’t actually showing! It’s all because of the “gallery” I’d created. I only wanted some of the photos to appear in the gallery so when I saw the roses there as well, I deleted them, thinking I was only removing them from displaying in the gallery, not removing them completely. The big versions still showed on my page on my computer so I thought they were still there, but actually they’ weren’t. So anybody reading this blog would have wondered where the roses were that I was talking about, LOL. So, now they’re back again. Not that anyone who’s already read this will notice, but at least I’m happy now (kinda, as I can’t work out how not to duplicate the rose pics and still have the big versions) …and the blog will make more sense to new readers. 😀


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