Space Clearing Workshop

Just helping to promote a workshop being facilitated by SOL/SOuL Searchers on February 12th at Wollongong, NSW. 🙂

Lotus Health & Wellbeing CentreSPACE CLEARING WORKSHOP
Saturday 12th February 2011

This is a 2 hour workshop to learn how to conduct a space clearing in your home or place of business.

Sometimes a house or office can feel uncomfortable, and there is no real reason to explain your uneasy feeling. Other times, it’s easy: someone has been there that was negative, ill or died. There may be instances when you moved into a space and just felt like someone else was there, or the space just didn’t feel right.

At this workshop you will learn the basic techniques to conduct a space clearing on your home or business. You will learn how to clear negative or stagnant energetic ‘imprints’ built up over the years from the accumulation of day to day living and from previous occupants. You will also learn how to remove unwanted entities that may be attached to your home.

Janine Donnellan from Spheres of Light & SOuL Searchers will be the facilitator of this workshop.

Where: Lotus Health & Wellbeing Centre,
246 Crown Street, Wollongong NSW 2500

When: Saturday 12th February 2011
Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Cost: $45 includes notes
Bookings: 02 4226 4740 or
email or click here to book on Facebook

Click image above to see the Lotus website.


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