Happy New Year!

I’m definitely experiencing a different new year beginning to previous years …much more hectic and action packed, LOL. The last week or so has been spent moving and rearranging furniture in a few rooms of the house, each rearrangement meticulously planned to allow for the next stage of reorganising to take place without too much chaos in evidence at any one time.

Yesterday afternoon the house was sparkling clean inside, and mostly tidy. Part of this reorganisation also involved clearing spaces for extra tables in the rumpus room and setting up network cables throughout the house in preparation for Son 2’s New Years Eve computer geekery event. Fourteen of his friends descended upon our house last night to set up their laptops and PCs for an all night gaming session, with food and drinks as well of course to help welcome in the New Year.

The family room with our huge wide screen TV was commandeered for XBox games throughout the evening for those guests who weren’t interested in the networked computer war games going on downstairs and in the upstairs bedrooms.

Meanwhile, earlier yesterday afternoon I was trying to get ready, in between doing last minute house preparation stuff, to go to Spheres Of Light‘s New Year get-together and ritual on the beach at Stanwell Park. Unfortunately the son of one our neighbours was also having a New Year’s party of sorts, with a bunch of loud, foul-mouthed young males in his backyard. Apart from the slight distraction of their obscenely loud music assaulting the neighbourhood, along with the onslaught of their uncouth alcohol-fueled ‘conversation’ infecting the atmosphere, the afternoon’s activities at my house had been proceeding in a relatively timely manner. That was until my husband, working downstairs in the garage, saw an uninvited drunken youth in our backyard calling out for our dog Shelby.  Fortunately Shelby was inside the house, otherwise he would have gone into full “protection mode” upon finding a stranger suddenly appearing in our backyard. Husband walked outside to make his presence known, the kid saw him and grunted some obscenity at him then ran and climbed back over the fence to rejoin his moronic mates.

ShelbyShortly afterward I had to venture outside to take some washing down off the clothesline, so I took the dog out with me for a break. The guys over the fence were making a lot of noise, banging the metal fence as well to get the dog stirred up, then yelling at him when he barked at them. Next they threw a few cans and a couple of bottles over the fence into my yard, one bottle smashing on a rock in the garden. I was worried about the dog cutting his paws! I got the washing in and the dog back inside, then went back out to survey the damage more closely and clean up the broken glass. When I yelled out to them to quit chucking their rubbish in our yard I received a very fake sounding apology, followed by muffled giggling. Bastards!!!! It really gives me the shits that these morons have absolutely no respect for other people or their property! I just don’t understand how they can think they have the right to behave that way. We’ve never knowingly done anything to antagonize them so I don’t understand why we have been subjected to this sort of crap for so many years now.

My kids and a couple of their friends who arrived earlier had already been discouraged from using our pool due to the taunts from the dickheads over the fence, and the last thing I wanted was to have more bottles thrown over and smashed in our yard, or worse still a fight break out if the dickheads picked on anyone from our party who went out into our backyard. Rather than escalate the situation through further confrontation with the neighbours or their ‘guests’ I resorted to some ‘witchy stuff’ instead to protect my property, family and our guests …hehe.

About an hour or so later (and by this stage I was running very late) I finally left to go to Stanwell Park for the SOL gathering and beach-side ritual.  As I drove past the offending neighbour’s place I noticed a couple of groups of young men staggering out of the house laden with Eskies full of grog, and heading up the street. Their party was ending and they were going away to wreak havoc somewhere else!!!! Woohoo!!! Coincidence? …or not?! 😉 I continued on my way to the evening ritual feeling fairly confident that my home and its occupants were safe.

I had a very enjoyable picnic last night at Stanwell Park with Circle members and other close friends followed by our ritual on the beach, where we had a bonfire near the water’s edge. As the moon on this night was in the waning phase, very close to the dark moon, it was appropriate to do a cleansing ritual in preparation for the new year. The ocean waves also felt very cleansing and were symbolic of washing away all the ‘dirt’ from the old year. We wrote on pieces of paper all that we wanted to discard from our lives in 2010, then burned the papers in the fire. We welcomed the new year with a toast to the gods and goddesses and restated our affirmations we had spoken at the last SOL full moon circle, 2 weeks earlier, then enjoyed watching the displays of fireworks at midnight, provided by the many other people camped on the beach for the evening. With fireworks going off in a number of locations nearby and numerous bonfires dotted around the beach it felt like a very magical place.

Eventually we decided it was time to leave, and when I arrived home around 1:30am I was greeted by a very messy house and people everywhere having fun on computers or XBox, or just watching others play the games. 😀

It was too hot (our 13 year old ducted air-conditioner finally died 2 weeks ago and won’t be  replaced for another 2 weeks or so) and too noisy with computer war games in full swing to be able to sleep (people talk and call out to each other constantly throughout these networked games, and louder than usual because they’re all wearing headphones) so I set about cleaning up the kitchen instead, and trying to restore a little bit of order to the chaos. The photo below really doesn’t show the full extent of the ickyness (even when you  click it to enlarge) as none of the sticky, slimy, spilled and melted bits on the bench show in the photo.

messy kitchenI think I finally went to bed around 3:30 or 4am and when I eventually woke up later in the morning and ventured out to see what was happening in the rest of the house I discovered bodies everywhere! They littered every lounge chair, sofa bed, clear patch of carpet under the computer tables, as well as the beds and floors upstairs. After a while they gradually came back to life, one by one, and returned to the serious business of gaming, some sustained only by copious amounts of Coca Cola, even though for breakfast I was offering orange juice and toast with an assortment of toppings to choose from. A couple of them took up the offer of toast while one or two others preferred the leftover iced donuts for breakfast.

Most of the guests finally left around 5pm today and so far I’ve spent most of the day gradually cleaning up the mess, including cleaning the pool so it was fit to swim in, or else here at my computer blogging. It’s 8pm now and Son 2 should be back soon from his taxi run in my Tarago (8 seats) to deliver some of his friends to their homes in the far corners of Sydney where public transport  between their houses and ours is virtually non-existent. Once he finally gets safely home I can relax with a nice wine, or two or three, hee hee! 😀

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bring on 2011! 😀


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. That sounds like quite a New Years. It is like you ran the entire gamut in the space of 24 hours! I’m glad to hear the people took off. Sheesh! Apalling! The ritual sounds similar to one we do in Unity. We have a burning bowl ceremony. The following week we have a White Stone ceremony whereby we write a word on these white stones. The word reflects something we want to bring into being in the new year. I love this time of year.


    1. It certainly was an action-packed 24 hours! Our rituals do sound similar …we often use a cauldron to burn things in …same idea, just a different name for the bowl, lol. I like the idea of writing on the stones …a bit like the polished “wish stones” with various words engraved on them that you can buy from crystal stores and the like, only much more personal and meaningful. 🙂


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