My Meditation for New Reality Transmission

Please see my previous post on the New Reality Transmission | The Other Side for more information about this global simultaneous manifestation transmission. Before starting my meditation I went to the New Reality Transmission website to review the procedure and the visuals, as instructed…

So today we begin our 11 days of group meditations to manifest a harmonious future. Please take a few minutes to review the pages of this site again so you are reminded of the visuals that we will focus on.  And for anyone around the world who cannot join us for the next 11 days at 11:11 pm EST (New York, USA), please do the daily meditation at 11:11 pm your time for 11 minutes!

I decided that I would prefer to meditate to music, to help block out extraneous noises around the house and that I would prefer different music to that on the NRT website. So, I chose a song called Sky Sent, sung by Anael and written by Bradfield. I thought this song was very appropriate for both its lyrics (shown below) and the fact that it goes for 11 minutes 16 seconds — perfect for the time needed for this meditation! 🙂

Sky Sent
Click arrow to play music ~ 7.9MB mp3

Click image to enlarge. ‘Horizon’ – NASA photo from Wikimedia Commons. File size 446 KB

I know we are supposed to focus on the images on the NRT website but I found some of them too distracting and others quite unattractive and uninspiring. I felt more comfortable visualising a swirling consciousness cloud and directing the consciousness vortex into the Earth’s future while looking at a beautiful photograph of her horizon (above) as I meditated because it helped to inspire and strengthen the love, light and positive intentions I was sending. This image is large enough to fill most of my screen, which helps me to focus more intently on the rest of the visualisation. I guess we all have our different ways of meditating. 🙂

The meditations are to continue for 11 days in a row, so if you’d like to try meditating with this same photograph and music, just click on the audio link above then click on the image to enlarge it. It will open in a new browser window so you can continue listening to the music.

Sky Sent (Disclosure)

(Words & Music by Bradfield)

Et miratur omnis terra
Benedictus qui venit
De celeste armonia

i. Destiny

How to begin such a disclosure?
So many years and over our heads
Led to assume there was no reason
Left in the dark to conjure instead

Search knows no end in hearts of believers
Faith inhabits the soul of mankind
Great men of the truth have uncovered answers
With this, our destiny will be defined

Sky sent, crossing time to tell the future
Guide our way, it’s a long road
Sky sent, through the frosty winter of dissent
Will we forge ahead?

ii. The Plan

All of your life you’ve been waiting
What you’ve known is alive
Carrying gifts that will change this world
Things that amaze and defy
An energy source for tomorrow
A model for clearing the air
And every country a partner free
Sharing and lending a hand for this plan

So into these unchartered waters
That one day to travel through time
Coping with damage inflicted
Needs some instant and radical strides
Beginning by sharing the knowledge
And openly admitting the lie
So every man who is fond of peace
Can consciously make up his mind
For this plan…

iii. Sanctuary

Seek your sanctuary in this place
It’s an allegory to embrace
Try your telepathy, send your grace
It’s all vibratory, you’ll engage…

iv. Crossing Time

Love is the key if skies are to welcome
Goodwill among men the only reply
Blessed, each of us here to witness this opening
Sought since the beginning of time…

Sky sent, crossing time to tell the future
Guide our way, it’s a long road
Sky sent, through the frosty winter of dissent
Will we forge ahead?
Will we form consent?

(Lyrics from

4 thoughts on “My Meditation for New Reality Transmission

  1. I love this picture. Pictures of earth from space move me in ways I cannot put to words. Always have. I have not been doing it at 11:11 pm but earlier, and not at a computer. I’m like you, if rules don’t make sense to me I create my own that suit me better. I don’t think it matters. It is the intent sent of love and peace that is most important.

    My blog has gotten so many hits over the past few days via the comment section on your last post that I came over last night to figure out what was going on. I think that is the longest comment thread I’ve ever seen on your page! It is so awesome how we all seem to be finding each other.


    1. Yep, it is the longest comment thread I’ve had here so far. Since I posted the last entry most of the hits on my blog have been from people searching for info on the NRT. It’s also quite impressive how well my blog shows up in Google searches …and it’s being shared via Facebook too! …da interwebs is a wonderful beastie! 😀


  2. I always find it better meditate to music, however I often go with whatever images the music bring forth in my mind. I find it relaxing to explore the strange places of my imagination.


    1. I do that too, often in combination with what is suggested in the guided part of the group meditations I usually take part in. I’m doing the same with this one, just using the photo as a starting point and going with the flow of the music, which in my mind anyway, seems to complement this photo very well. 🙂


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